Saturday, June 02, 2007

Too Fast - 7 Mile Tempo

Out the door quick enough to forget my HR strap. I ran the Groton Road Race course, a 10K, as the first of the marathon tempo build efforts. Off the cuff, I was thinking to run a 6:30 pace.

A warmup from the Groton School put me about a half mile from the start, it’s a loop so I started the Garmin and took off. This is a nice rolling hill course set in an idyllic New England town, definitely one for the race schedule.

Long story short, I lost track of the course in the last mile and stopped the watch at seven miles for an average pace of 5:56.

I am thinking that monitoring a workout, without overdoing it can be done by: GPS, HR monitor, how do you feel, and mile markers for splits. Todays run, questioned the GPS pace, I felt fine but thought I was running too fast, no HR available, did not track the mile splits on the ground not to mention going off course.

Training: am, humid, 11.5 miles with 7.0 miles at a 5:56/mile pace

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  1. Good run. I've become very dependent on the four things you mentioned.