Thursday, June 14, 2007

Why Are You Still Running?

Lexington Track
Was the question from a young boy meandering past the running track. A rain shower had just arrived on my second loop of a two miler. The boy’s Mom and his younger brother were making the long trek from the playground to home with the pattering drops speckling the synthetic surface. Next lap, “Do you race here?” By the third, they made it to the end where the pool was more interesting. Ran two miles on the Lexington Track at 6:00/mile at 159 AHR.

Wednesday was a belated run in the afternoon squeezed in prompting a faster pace. Ten miles at a 7:15\mile with stroller on Willow Guzzle.

This morning’s plan was 2x Morse Road with stroller. Despite cooler weather the legs felt stiff for the first couple of miles. With a warm up the pace progressed down around 7:40\mile. The effort was 50:15 for 10K. Too slow and it wasn’t feeling comfortable so I pulled the plug.

Hopefully later today will bring different results, for now I have to deal with this rash of poison ivy. On a side note, looks like the pollen has finally ran its course.

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  1. What a nice looking track. I'll bet that sky blue color makes it feel 10 degrees cooler on a hot day. Maybe not.