Friday, July 20, 2007

Lydiard Rock

The title is my comparison of learning the ways of Lydiard to the ways of rock moving. Both are new endeavors to me. Both are challenges and take a long time. Patience and strength are solidly instilled in each.

As you can see in the photo there are more rocks and more names to follow. Would you care to nominate a name for the next rock? This is just my sappy way of keeping focus on running through the summer doldrums.

Lydiard Rock on tripod
Lydiard Rock lifted to new heights

Lydiard Rock on rock wagon
Lydiard Rock being lowered to rock wagon, front wheels later to collapse

Training: am, hot & humid, stroller, 10M in 77 minutes


  1. How about "Cerutty" for the next unconventionally shaped but solid rock you uncover?

  2. The second one down on the left looks a bit like Alan Webb when he shaves his head. I'll see what I can come up with for the others.

    Sounds like a tough week, I'm hoping the next one finds you getting more sleep.

  3. As in Percy Cerutty? nice choice.

    This morning's long run thoughts turned to naming most rocks after Boston Marathon legends; as in this is now the time to begin thinking about the marathon in April.

    A. Webb good choice, too bad it's the same Lydiard Rock in both photos, and it's still on the cart, which shows me how hard this system is.