Friday, July 13, 2007

Race Report: Marathon Sports 5-Miler

hot, at least the sun was very bright, temp 75-80
went out fast to get good position, downhill and pole in course
Mile 1-5:28
tried to stay in control-not too fast
worked with groups
Mile 2-5:51, 11:19, first series of hills
lots of jostling-too much
worked to get tangents
Mile 3-5:51, 17:11
stitched around mile three
recovered slightly ran with lead women
Mile 4-6:30, 23:41, stitched again
walked two telephone pole lengths by water stop
Mile 5-6:12, red-faced and needing to walk it out
demoralizing. not my race
Finish 29:54, 5:59 pace, 46th overall, 11th Master

Results on Coolrunning

Photo: Courtesy of Jim Rhoades


  1. Bummer about the bad ending. Revenge is sweet though, and it will be yours. Rest up.

  2. What do you mean "hot"? Look at all that shade in that pic :)

    Tough race. I feel your pain.