Saturday, July 28, 2007

REPORT: 24 Hour Ultra Marathon

Around the Lake 24 Hour Ultra Marathon finished under the skies of thunder and lightning early this afternoon.

My wife won the Women’s overall ultra marathon. She consistently persevered from the start to the time officials called the race on account of runner’s safety. Her finish distance was over nine miles ahead of the nearest women. Her pace reaped 27 laps of a 3.16 mile course for over 85 miles.

Given her pace and time she was on track to beat my 114 mile run on the same course. Whew, thank goodness for the weather! We had fun, I got the opportunity to accompany the new champ for over 30 of the miles. Believe me, she ran better on her own.

I am proud, inspired and awed of her determination and tenacity to rule the roads of Wakefield on this glorious summer day.

Training: Last 24 hours, 30 miles +


  1. Awesome!!!! Big congrats to your "best friend"!!! That's fantastic!

  2. Please give my congratulations to your better half. I can't believe how far ahead she was at the end. Wow!

  3. Very impressive effort from your esposa.
    9 miles ahead of her nearest competitor!? Wow.

  4. Congratulations to your good lady wife. That's extremely impressive.

  5. Holy crap Mark, your wife is awesome! Tell her congrats, and I'm glad you got to enjoy it too.

  6. Wow! Congratulate Barb for me - that's an unbelievable distance. She may have been able to take the whole thing!!