Tuesday, August 07, 2007

REPORT: Two Weeks of Steady State

Not much happening, the details are boring even to me. I did get out for one mile of inline skating and an hour of Mountain Biking in the past week.

A fast local runner tuned me into the secret of “dryer sheets”, Bounty or Snuggle work, in warding off the persistent deer flies. It works great, I had two runs in the Reservation and came out unscathed. This morning I ran one loop, about a kilometer, in the LSHS X-C trail w\out the sheets and I was attacked. Deer Flies do make you run faster, even if you are tired.

Weekly Review
Total Miles: 60.0
Number of Workouts: 8
Stretching: okay
Yoga: back to none
P\U, S\U: some
mileage returning to regular training
Issues to Note: 2nd long run of stopping after 8m and walking
Next Week Goal: nail down a half marathon program and explore the Fall X-C races


  1. And the secret is? Pin them to your shirt or hat? Hold them in your teeth?? We coulda used the secret on our long run in the wooks this weekend.

  2. two sheets, wipe areas that get affected most skin and clothes, then take the two sheets and lay them half in your hat with the half coming out, this is easiest done with the hat upside down in front of you before you put it on, good luck and let me know how you make out