Saturday, September 29, 2007

Bee Honey: Bears, People or What?

The arborist told us to be aware of the inground bees nest located near the old large hemlock they just removed from our property. After mowing over the area one early morning I doused the small bee entrance hole with leftover charcoal lighter fluid that the previous owners left in the garage. It didn't seem to faze the buzzing fliers. The next day, like elves in the middle of the night, some creature dug a five inch diameter hole about eight inches deep exposing the remaining honeycomb. I suspect it was honey they were after resolving our ground hazard in the process. The question is what animal? It's obvious Pooh Bear and humans like honey but what else? Opossum, skunk, raccoon and coyote come to mind; oh and I hear there are fishers in the area.
Ten miles on the trails with Kyle yesterday at an easy pace. I got the first hand report on his Ironman Race out in Lake Placid. Later that day I biked for an hour unhappy with my running and thinking I should just go for the Ironman qualifier to enter Kona, Hawaii.

Training: am,58,Haynes Loop 5M in 40:13, left shin issue, tomorrow race: X-C Festival

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Pork Rinds Hot & Spicy Flavored

I ate the whole bag. Turns out I got a run in on the Battle Road Trail for 10+ miles in the middle of the day heat leaving me dehydrated. I figured with 290mg of sodium per serving the rinds would keep me thirsty. After five servings, the whole bag (might've been better with a beer):
1450 mg Sodium (70% Daily Value)
7.5g Saturated Fat (50% Daily Value)
Og Carbohydrates
35g Protein
Total of 350 calories with 200 from Fat

Not very filling kind of like eating sushi. Wife's homemade Pizza for dinner tonight!
10.5 Miles, 73:07/6:58 Pace, 85 degrees felt ok held back cause of rt foot, shin and hip

Flat Feet

Tuesday and Wednesday seems to have just flown by in time. The running was good the first day with ten + miles out on the Battle Road Trail. Scaled it back yesterday settling for five easy on the a.m. treadmill. As of yesterday it feels like the cold virus is subsiding the remaining sniffle and phlegm buildup should go over the next couple of days.
Summer weather is back, it’s been around 90 degrees and the humidity rolled in. Later this afternoon a thunderstorm is expected. Maybe that will bring the seasonably mild weather that goes so well with the changing of the leaf colors.
Yesterday I made appointments to get a physical and to see the podiatrist. Looking online the inner right shin issue that I have been dealing with for the past year may be a shin splint. My right foot is flat. I only wear orthotics in my running shoes; they are soft and probably have seen their life expectancy. My thoughts are the trouble is related to a mechanical issue. We will see in November.
This morning was an easy five on the mill with a good possibility to get out on the trails for some distance later today. Changed up race plans, the BAA Half Marathon is out. Racing that distance will probably lead to a bigger setback and the training just isn’t there. Also, it’s a fair amount of effort getting to Boston, parking and all that goes with it. What’s in is back to the NE-XC festival. This Sunday, check the race link to find out more.

Monday, September 24, 2007

B.A.A. Half Marathon Course Preview

A fairly slow affair of us this afternoon trotting through Boston’s Emerald Necklace in search of the right turns to keep from getting lost. Our start was near the 11 mile mark of Longwood Avenue. Running Olmstead Park and Jamaica Pond was old hack from our marathon stay (118 days) in Boston when our son was born, released day before the Boston Marathon.

After passing the Arnold Arboretum we were heading to the Franklin Park Zoo, it was broad daylight upon arrival, the West Roxbury District Court had a heavy police presence and we did an immediate about face. Franklin Park is located in or near districts that frequently make the news for stabbings or shootings no matter the time of day.

To make up for lost distance we ran up one of the hills at the Arboretum, possibly Bussey Hill. The route back is similar, this time we went around the Back Bay Fens and finished just after San Clemente Park. Mile 13 was the only marker we spotted painted on the road.

Later at home, safe and sound from the big city it was an easy one mile on the skates and a casual walk. Good news being no more follow up visits at Children’s Hospital!

Training: pm, 77,BAA ½ Marathon Course, a good 2+ hours with stops

Sunday, September 23, 2007

REPORT: Marathon- Conditioning Week Nine

Congrats to the B.A.A. Mens Masters on their overall win (24 minute + margin) at the 19th Annual Fred Brown Relay Around Lake Winnipesaukee, Presented by the North Medford Club.

A return to better mileage is the upside, downside is a cold virus.

This morning’s run called for 3 x 5 mile progression. Haynes Loop one went down in 38:09, slight thoughts of quitting while passing the house. Number two started okay, then around seven miles breathing was laborious, a low knee lift, right hip was acting up and pace slowed to a marathon shuffle. Then a walk. . . Picked it up hearing a car approaching and then stopped to chat with Russ who was heading out on a 70 mile bike ride. Time of 44 minutes for the second loop and I threw in the towel.

Weekly Review
Total Miles: 53.0
Number of Workouts: 10
Stretching: some pre and every post run
Yoga: pilates and abs of steel
P\U, S\U: 200/400 not bad!
physically coming around by using ice, stretching and abdominal work, missed NE Grand Prix Race at Fruiltands in Harvard today
Issues to Note: ice is helping on right hip and right inner shin, Cold virus from our two y.o. started on Friday
Next Week Goal: repeat this week with a B.A.A. Half Marathon Course preview in Boston tomorrow. Looking for 13.1+ miles of pushing the stroller.

Friday, September 21, 2007

“Hold Yourself in, Train not Strain”

A quote from Aurthur Lydiard applies to my current running. As the injuries are clearing, attitude, progressing energy level; the desire to run fast is omniscient. Speed can wait until next week. It’s rather concerning that the B.A.A. Half Marathon is in 15 days for me to go under 78 minutes. Can we do it? Yes, we can!!!
2007_SEP_Walden Pond
Training: noon, 71, 6m at Walden Woods, 20 minutes in the water –nice-
am,71,treadmill, 5 miles around 7:50ish pace
Yesterday afternoon Treadmill: just under 7:00s for 2 miles to break in shoes.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Red Beauty Pepper

Yesterday I got lucky and squeezed in five miles on the Battle Road Trail. A favorite place to run with a wide soft surface and tree cover. Didn't push it for the full ten due to time and conditioning.
The container garden(s) produced an abundance of Juliet cherry tomatoes which the chipmunks got the most. The Scarlet runner green beans came in okay on the rock wall; they taste so, so. The zucchini squash pushed to survive the drought, the one I saw growing is not there now,
some thief must have got it. Top award winner is Red Beauty Pepper. Next year will be produce that the ground thieves do not like.
2007 Red Beauty Pepper
Another easy 5 miles (40:32)on the mill to the sights and tune of RW videos. Ice is helping, new shoes came in yesterday.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Runners World Videos Conveniently Stream!

This morning’s run on the treadmill to the sights and sounds of Runners World videos. Just by chance I looked to see if they have running videos and pleased with how many and that they stream one after another. This is easy to do by just playing the first video allowing you to focus on running and enjoying the show. Saab commercials for their SUV are very obnoxious and loud. They generally put them before a 3-5 minute video. I will not buy that car. What I saw this morning are the races hosted by Bart Yasso. His demeanor stays the same in each while styling a different Hawaiian or Runners World shirt.
I wonder if the other video sites could do the streaming; playlists or something?

Treadmill run: just under 8:00s for 5 miles.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Step in the Right Direction

Yesterday was an easy four miles hooked in to a speed strength circuit, just one time through. It's the next day and some soreness is already set in from those previously unused muscles.
This morning was an easy six miles on the mill to the tune of ChasingKimbia videos.

Looks like a few B.A.A. Half-Marathon course routes are up on USATF. Reading Seebo's blog about his sub-78 PDR over the weekend has got me pumped to run the same in 18 days.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Weekly Report, Diaper Dash, Weston 5K Race

It’s back to being plagued by yet another injury. This one is slow to come around to something healthy. Given due time, proper stretching along with easing back into it this will subside. Hopefully, in time for the BAA Half Marathon.
Diaper dash was cool, my 5K PR is on the Weston course, years ago, it would’ve won in yesterday’s race.
Weekly Review
Total Miles: 29.10
Number of Workouts: 5
Stretching: much needed and coming along
Yoga: some along with Pilates intro
P\U, S\U: 150\300
Notes: mileage fell way off
Issues to Note: major upper right thigh muscle feels pulled; last week caused a limp to walk. It’s starting to turn around as it better now with the cooler temperatures.
Next Week Goal: continue recovery

Friday, September 14, 2007

Pisgah 50K Mountain Trail Race

Jamie linked to this guy that ran the Pisgah 50K Mountain Trail Race this last Sunday. It's a good read from a newbie perspective for anyone wanting to venture down this path.

Tonight is a scheduled playground run with the stroller, the long way, 5.5 miles out, play grab a sub and 5.5 miles home.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Run for the Phone

The little run down the hall to answer the phone gave me the notion that it was time to resume running. It's been five consecutive days of zero mileage. What brought things to a screeching halt is the muscle that is used to pull the right leg forward very close to the top of the hip. Is it the ill-lopsas? Turns out other lower mid-section were also sore and strained.

The cause most likely compounded events of laying bricks, moving deck furniture, ladders, climbing fences and not stretching and no yoga. I had it coming.

Two loops on the Bowker Flats, easy sub-8 minute pace for a total of five miles in a very nice 59 degree temperature.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Gotta Get Back

Today is the first day in a long while of doing the "abs of steel" workout. The first session was tough and evident of poor core strength and tight muscles. Time to check the log to see where the stretching and training went off course allowing "just running" to take over. It seems this has an affect on how well my muscles hold up to different stresses and running conditions.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

50K Pisgah Crew Support

with my running going downhill by the day what's left to write about is my Wife's 50K Ultra Mountain Trail Race, wooohoo, more to follow later

Monday, September 03, 2007

Laborious 10-Mile Race

Laborious 10-Miler 10.00 1 16 15 7:37 am,64,sun,stroller, felt really good
The below photo is from the inaugeral race in 2005 where I was first overall and set the course record that was beat today by ten minutes, hmmph. Very hilly course with Hosmer Street at mile 8 that keeps on climbing. Race entry fee is suggested 10 can goods for the local food pantry.
Laborious Day 10-miler

Long X-C 5K, 2nd Master, Great Brook Farm


Photo Courtesy: Jim Rhoades