Monday, September 24, 2007

B.A.A. Half Marathon Course Preview

A fairly slow affair of us this afternoon trotting through Boston’s Emerald Necklace in search of the right turns to keep from getting lost. Our start was near the 11 mile mark of Longwood Avenue. Running Olmstead Park and Jamaica Pond was old hack from our marathon stay (118 days) in Boston when our son was born, released day before the Boston Marathon.

After passing the Arnold Arboretum we were heading to the Franklin Park Zoo, it was broad daylight upon arrival, the West Roxbury District Court had a heavy police presence and we did an immediate about face. Franklin Park is located in or near districts that frequently make the news for stabbings or shootings no matter the time of day.

To make up for lost distance we ran up one of the hills at the Arboretum, possibly Bussey Hill. The route back is similar, this time we went around the Back Bay Fens and finished just after San Clemente Park. Mile 13 was the only marker we spotted painted on the road.

Later at home, safe and sound from the big city it was an easy one mile on the skates and a casual walk. Good news being no more follow up visits at Children’s Hospital!

Training: pm, 77,BAA ½ Marathon Course, a good 2+ hours with stops

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