Saturday, September 29, 2007

Bee Honey: Bears, People or What?

The arborist told us to be aware of the inground bees nest located near the old large hemlock they just removed from our property. After mowing over the area one early morning I doused the small bee entrance hole with leftover charcoal lighter fluid that the previous owners left in the garage. It didn't seem to faze the buzzing fliers. The next day, like elves in the middle of the night, some creature dug a five inch diameter hole about eight inches deep exposing the remaining honeycomb. I suspect it was honey they were after resolving our ground hazard in the process. The question is what animal? It's obvious Pooh Bear and humans like honey but what else? Opossum, skunk, raccoon and coyote come to mind; oh and I hear there are fishers in the area.
Ten miles on the trails with Kyle yesterday at an easy pace. I got the first hand report on his Ironman Race out in Lake Placid. Later that day I biked for an hour unhappy with my running and thinking I should just go for the Ironman qualifier to enter Kona, Hawaii.

Training: am,58,Haynes Loop 5M in 40:13, left shin issue, tomorrow race: X-C Festival

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