Thursday, September 27, 2007

Flat Feet

Tuesday and Wednesday seems to have just flown by in time. The running was good the first day with ten + miles out on the Battle Road Trail. Scaled it back yesterday settling for five easy on the a.m. treadmill. As of yesterday it feels like the cold virus is subsiding the remaining sniffle and phlegm buildup should go over the next couple of days.
Summer weather is back, it’s been around 90 degrees and the humidity rolled in. Later this afternoon a thunderstorm is expected. Maybe that will bring the seasonably mild weather that goes so well with the changing of the leaf colors.
Yesterday I made appointments to get a physical and to see the podiatrist. Looking online the inner right shin issue that I have been dealing with for the past year may be a shin splint. My right foot is flat. I only wear orthotics in my running shoes; they are soft and probably have seen their life expectancy. My thoughts are the trouble is related to a mechanical issue. We will see in November.
This morning was an easy five on the mill with a good possibility to get out on the trails for some distance later today. Changed up race plans, the BAA Half Marathon is out. Racing that distance will probably lead to a bigger setback and the training just isn’t there. Also, it’s a fair amount of effort getting to Boston, parking and all that goes with it. What’s in is back to the NE-XC festival. This Sunday, check the race link to find out more.

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