Monday, September 03, 2007

Laborious 10-Mile Race

Laborious 10-Miler 10.00 1 16 15 7:37 am,64,sun,stroller, felt really good
The below photo is from the inaugeral race in 2005 where I was first overall and set the course record that was beat today by ten minutes, hmmph. Very hilly course with Hosmer Street at mile 8 that keeps on climbing. Race entry fee is suggested 10 can goods for the local food pantry.
Laborious Day 10-miler


  1. Nice job Mark!

    I thought you were on my RSS feed but it turns out you weren't. I was thinking to myself "doesn't this guy blog anymore?" and discovered my mistake. Nice to see all is going well and look forward to future posts.

  2. posting dropped off some as other activities picked up

    that's funny how some of the RSS feeds work I had a similar experience myself