Sunday, September 23, 2007

REPORT: Marathon- Conditioning Week Nine

Congrats to the B.A.A. Mens Masters on their overall win (24 minute + margin) at the 19th Annual Fred Brown Relay Around Lake Winnipesaukee, Presented by the North Medford Club.

A return to better mileage is the upside, downside is a cold virus.

This morning’s run called for 3 x 5 mile progression. Haynes Loop one went down in 38:09, slight thoughts of quitting while passing the house. Number two started okay, then around seven miles breathing was laborious, a low knee lift, right hip was acting up and pace slowed to a marathon shuffle. Then a walk. . . Picked it up hearing a car approaching and then stopped to chat with Russ who was heading out on a 70 mile bike ride. Time of 44 minutes for the second loop and I threw in the towel.

Weekly Review
Total Miles: 53.0
Number of Workouts: 10
Stretching: some pre and every post run
Yoga: pilates and abs of steel
P\U, S\U: 200/400 not bad!
physically coming around by using ice, stretching and abdominal work, missed NE Grand Prix Race at Fruiltands in Harvard today
Issues to Note: ice is helping on right hip and right inner shin, Cold virus from our two y.o. started on Friday
Next Week Goal: repeat this week with a B.A.A. Half Marathon Course preview in Boston tomorrow. Looking for 13.1+ miles of pushing the stroller.

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