Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Runners World Videos Conveniently Stream!

This morning’s run on the treadmill to the sights and sounds of Runners World videos. Just by chance I looked to see if they have running videos and pleased with how many and that they stream one after another. This is easy to do by just playing the first video allowing you to focus on running and enjoying the show. Saab commercials for their SUV are very obnoxious and loud. They generally put them before a 3-5 minute video. I will not buy that car. What I saw this morning are the races hosted by Bart Yasso. His demeanor stays the same in each while styling a different Hawaiian or Runners World shirt.
I wonder if the other video sites could do the streaming; playlists or something?

Treadmill run: just under 8:00s for 5 miles.


  1. So do you have your computer connected to your TV or do you just watch it off your monitor?

  2. off the monitor, it's a wide screen laptop, had to rig a shelf over the treadmill for ready access

  3. Sounds like a cool setup. I've used a DVD of the Athens Olympic marathon to help me through long runs on the 'mill. The footage is great with lots of "in the pack" shots to make me feel like I'm running along with the lead pack.