Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Checking my time it looks like I fell off the pace by running a 7:48 average which is out of the 7:09 to 7:39/mile range. The effort seemed like it was there and recovery is still going on.

I put up a new poll for the USATF-NE XC Championships coming up in two and a half weeks. It's 8K run on the same course as the Mayor's Cup in Farnklin Park, Boston.

Completely forgot about watching NOVA’s Marathon special last night. Was it any good?

AM,39: ARNWR, 10.5M, 1:21:55

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Caught in the Act

Two women walking a golden retriever that just relieved itself on our lawn were caught yesterday. Looking like they just walked out of Macy’s Department Store claiming they didn’t have a bag. Catching my glaring stare they left and returned immediately to remove the doo-doo.

Easy pace today as regulated by The McMillan Calculator. The Mayor’s Cup Race pace now puts these runs at 7:09 to 7:39. 10.5 Miles in 75:27.

Yesterday: 5M recovery on the mill

Monday, October 29, 2007

2007 Mayor's Cup Part 2: 29:27

Please allow me to first start by saying I was running in my most competitive race ever. For a guy with a late start, lots of experience, I felt so na├»ve. It was very easy to get caught up with the very fast pace post-collegiate runners as most were under 5:00 at the first mile. My 5:18 first mile set me far enough back to think I was ok, then, reality hit that sustaining it would be something I hadn’t done in a long time.

So I slowed, then I side stitched. Runners passed, I let them. Later I would try and hang onto some. It was soon enough realizing there were fewer breathing down my back that I was probably running dead last. Seeing a couple others on the side pulled out the thought crossed my mind. Seeing my wife along the course was inspiring to keep me in as she kept yelling “go for the points”. The XC Grand Prix points that is.

The accumulations in the legs set in quickly making the two climbs up “Bear Cage Hill” no fun.
It wasn’t until the last downhill for the pace to turn around. I picked a few runners to pass, paced myself and let the spikes rip up some turf for a very strong finish.

Course was in good shape as it drains well and the strong winds pulled most of the water away.

Analysis: In hindsight, my trying to keep pace with last year’s 28:10 guy was a mistake. I only know his time and not how he races. I would’ve been better off to use a runner that I knew and ran against more often. That mistake was made in the first minute of the race. I just don’t understand why I didn’t stick with my pre-race plan!

Results: 165 out of 180, 11th master of 13, 29:27 for a pace of 5:58/mile
Video: look for me *way* in the back

Sunday, October 28, 2007

2007 Mayor's Cup Part 1: 29:27

Mile 1=5:18 keeping pace with competition, feeling real good
Mile 2-4, slowed and stitched (mile 2@ ~11:18)
Finish exceptionally strong taking two runners on final stretch!

October Surprise = forgot to put on timing chip!
I thought I came across in 29:18 but the timing folks gave me 29:27. That’s okay; I am hanging my head low and will accept it as better than no race time. --more later, gotta go to the Halloween Parade with our little tiger.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Focus on the Task at Hand

Tomorrow will be four loops on the Mayor's Cup Men's Championship 8K course at Franklin Park in Boston. The course will be wet as today it's raining off and on. Good thing we picked up spikes!

My plan is to even pace one mile at a time. By keeping focused on the task at hand should help bring a PR. Now, if there were $100 for every mile split it could mentally drive the race. That's what mental training is about, being able to visualize, break down and perform the never before achieved.

If your training is there and the mind is strong, fast times or placement are to be hadd.
Noon, easy 4 miles in 32:40 on the Bowker Flats with a light drizzle at 61 degrees.

Friday, October 26, 2007

ARNWR Long Loop again

Same Resevervation loop as yesterday. Took out the first mile at 6:48 pace. Seems like I was upset over someone's dog crapping on the edge of our lawn. That's twice now. Leaves keep falling.

Noon, 10.5M, 1:17:47, 7:24/mile

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Easy out on ARNWR

I've been working on a base training plan, right now it's on paper and it will cover the next 11 weeks. There are some details and changes to be made.

This article by Kevin Jermyn is good about base training. It's taken from a site called I think they are not in existence anymore.? The link at the bottom is dead to continue the article; maybe I'll send an email request.

Out on the run today with the first mile at 7:17; suprisingly good feeling throughout the whole run.

Training: ARNWR, 53,sun\breeze, 10.5M in 1:18:23\7:27
Yesterday: 2nd rest day since 9/12, interesting. . .

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

10-4 Boston Marathon Build Wins!

Thanks to everyone who cast a vote. The decision is made: Base Training. I also appreciate the insightful comments demonstrating disagreement with the build phase.

What is base training? Initial thoughts are logging miles to the level of marathon training. The pace is generally easy, one long run (ease back on pace), maybe light fartleks and strides to keep the legs fresh. I better put some thought into this.

"Thinking is the hardest work there is." --Henry Ford.

Time to do the homework and come up with some structure for the next 10-11 weeks of base training. There are three X-C races remaining.

***Mayors Cup=>faster course, (last 8K XC = 30:05) Please Vote on the right===>

Battle Road: 10 miles, 71,sunny,breezy, 73 minutes, felt slo after 30 minutes and upon waking. rest day tomorrow?

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Weekly Report-Battle Road Trail

72 miles with three quality w\o's, also one attempt at strides

All systems holding together but not 100%. That's always elusive.

Strectching, Yoga, Ice seem to be helping situations.

Mayor's Cup Race is Next Sunday, will need to cut back on quality runs and adjust mileage.

Just two days left to vote.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Kilkenny Xc Spike-Saucony

New spikes for this wanna-be cross country racer. First pair ever. How long do they last? Even got blanks! So, cool it's going to be hard waiting a week to let them fly.

Training: yesterday Walden Pond w\sweetheart. today strides at soccer fields.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tempo Interval: 2M-90-60-30

12 min warmup
~2 Mile tempo -12:26 (gate to river)
3 min jog rest3 x (90s, 60s, 30s @ slightly faster than race pace w/ jog rest 30 seconds, 3 min jog rest between sets
46 min cooldown
Total = 13 Miles, 93 min

This workout came up on a local runner's blog (14:31 on 5k this year). I mistakenly overlooked the rest interval between 90-60-30, they were to be identical to the time just ran.

The two miler was good to get a feel of power along with a vision of running through the hills while running the legs under. This form takes strength and practice to move away from the slow slog hunched over grind of hill running. Running the shorter reps strictly on the flat river trail was excellent for quick turnover, focusing on stride, breathing and flow.

All was done at effort with no set distances, just approximations based on time and feel. All sounds very Lydiardesque to me.

Let's keep the votes rolling in; only 5 days left.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Run to Vote, Vote on Training

Your turn to vote. please slect one of two choices on right---->>>

Ran a nice 65 minute ten miler this morning on the Battle Road Trail.

We received at least a dozen messages to vote in our *special* election for Congressman and to build a new police station. So, off with the stroller this pm for a second run to the tune of 4.5 miles in 45 minutes.

I am struggling with Cross Country specific training of speed for the next month or start the base phase for Boston 2008. The New England XC Grand Prix currently has me 4 points out from being the third Master.

Boston Marathon 2008 is only 27 weeks away!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

You Kick up the Leaves and the Magic is . . .

So, I had a bad day. . . I sung my sad song and now it's time to turn it around.

The leaves are kickin and the feet are flickin in today's new Battle Road Trail PR of 64 minutes for 10 Miles. I'm coming back up and there could be an "October Surprise" at this year's Mayors Cup. Better get your cowbell ready cause were gonna roll strong.

Monday, October 08, 2007

The Wayland XC Challenge

Race management was nice enough to let us know that a delay in the start was caused by the football games in the middle of the track. Apparently it was poor coordination between Park & Rec and the School Athletics. We started on a field next to the track, ran one loop on the track, and then the course. Supposedly the last minute change was measured to be correct.
The course was in good condition. It was evident on our warm-up they added sand on a treacherous downhill leading into the “bowl”. Weather was a humid 58 degrees with a slight breeze.
After last week’s thrashing I decided to strategize my race to the course. This means plan your moves, exertion and know when to kick the finish. After the delay we were off on a “two count” and hit the first Kilometer in 3:40 and mile at 5:50.
Thinking this was a bit slow as my competition was ahead, I continued to bide time on the grassy fields knowing tough running ahead.
The “bowl” downhill was quite dusty when we went flying down in, runners streaming along, about six moves by now to get ahead of slower runners.
Running behind one runner judging their age, form and breathing I decided to pull ahead on a wide turn just before the hill climb to the rim. This allowed the advantage of seeing the trail stones and roots while trying to catch the next runner. It paid off as I crested the hill running through it and moving along past several more runners along the edge.
Surprisingly on the wicked fast downhill the group ahead of me flew right along. Great, keeping pace.
Out of the woods, around the corner and ball diamond saw several more runners go by the side. Next was cross the entrance road over a median and down the parking lot, a couple more passed.
Soon, a short very steep hill, knees dragging the dirt and passing another runner on the backside. Finally perimeters loop around the fields and back to the track. Checking my competition and distance remaining it was evident I could take a few runners but not catch the comp. That I did with an excellent kick out running some young buck to the finish.
This was a strong race throughout, remained in control for breathing and strength. Never passed and always passing runners. It does beg the question of did I run too slow?

Finish time officially was 18:14 (5:52). 28th overall and 5th Master. The current results are amiss by one Master runner.

Results some Master came in 2nd O'all, I've got my work cut out for me!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

USATF-NE Cross Country Grand Prix

USATF-NE XC Standings

It looks like I dropped to fourth in the Masters category. Too bad, there is a 50+ y.o. ahead of me; I better run faster.

We've been putting in some miles on Cape Cod this week. The weather like most of the U.S. has been very summer like.

Good luck to all racing this w\e.

easy four at a 9 min pace this a.m.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Whites Pond and

Easy recovery run for one hour with a 15 minute swim and four lo-effort strides on the soccer field. Discovered some old trails that felt good on the tired legs. Later had some excellent honey-peanut butter on seven grain bread, yum.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Preview Wayland XC Challenge

Look for the white unicorn here and you will find my beautiful wife running the Topsfield Cross Country Race.

amazing!!! is all I've got to say about Haile breaking the marathon world record. Two appreciative reads I came across on the subject are EthioBlog and PJ Morse.

A moderate run out on the Battle Road Trail (10.5 miles) this morning in a tic over 7:00. I certainly do have allot of tender muscles to recover from Sunday's XC battle. Can't wait for the next. Biked 75 minutes yesterday and walked the Wayland XC course. Have a nice day.

Monday, October 01, 2007

GBTC Topsfield XC Festival

1Beautiful sunny 60 degree day for the three races out in the fields and hills of Bradley Palmer State Park. Little jeb finished a full 1K without getting winded; that may be his endurance race for now. Next, our spot for viewing barb and the women’s race was first rate as they did the 1K loop and then the return finish from the long loop. She gave me the tip of an ominous hill lurking on the second loop.2
With that I was off with around 50 other men. I eased into the race; positioned a bit back on the first 1K loop and then put a surge in leading up to the double loop to stay with my competition and get around a pack with a runner who seemed to be slowing us. Around the back side of this loop you start a climb to the clouds that seems to keep on going. I could feel the recent abs and pushup work were helping run this long hill. I was relieved to maintain position. I passed one runner on the downhill. Next was a series of small hills, a small cheering section and then the loop again. Within that three harriers from the earlier group passed me and each I tried to stick with. I was not looking forward to doing the hill again. Following the line of another runner effectively boxed out the guy behind me. But when the opportunity arose he passed me on the uphill. What was I to do? My breathing was like a laboring freight train hauling a heavy load up a mountain. We crested and I just wanted to maintain position. The downhill, long and a little windy helped recovery. First 1K LoopBack on the field someone yelled a half-mile to go. Just maintain position. Half that distance later heavy breathing on my right shoulder wanted to make a move. A little boxing and a quick downhill left us both charging the small uphill in the last turn before the flat field to the finish. Arms were moving quickly fighting for position and judging the finish distance keeping in the race was all I could do from dropping to the earth from heavy legs. A strong finish, but the salt and pepper beard guy finished ahead. 30:05 on 8K for a 6:03 pace finishing 32nd overall.
First 1K LoopThis was my second of the six New England Grand Prix Cross Country race series. I think I may have dropped a place from my earlier second place Masters standing. I was ready to bag this one at 5K as my anaerobic conditioning has been off in the last month. We’ll see what next week comes up with on the grounds of Wayland.

Weekly ReviewTotal Miles: 72.0
Number of Workouts: 9
Stretching: some pre and every post run
Yoga: Two!
P\U, S\U: 190/350
Notes: continue using ice, stretching and abdominal work, Raced at GBTC Topsfield XC Festival. I made Dr. appointments for physical and podiatry.
Issues to Note: ice is helping on right hip and right inner shin; Cold virus ran the course for a full week. Excellent yoga and stretching seem to help the turnaround despite logging more miles. Limited range of stride on right leg, most days shin would hurt on impact.
Next Week Goal: Continue recovery, preview the Wayland XC course and run fast next Sunday.