Tuesday, October 23, 2007

10-4 Boston Marathon Build Wins!

Thanks to everyone who cast a vote. The decision is made: Base Training. I also appreciate the insightful comments demonstrating disagreement with the build phase.

What is base training? Initial thoughts are logging miles to the level of marathon training. The pace is generally easy, one long run (ease back on pace), maybe light fartleks and strides to keep the legs fresh. I better put some thought into this.

"Thinking is the hardest work there is." --Henry Ford.

Time to do the homework and come up with some structure for the next 10-11 weeks of base training. There are three X-C races remaining.

***Mayors Cup=>faster course, (last 8K XC = 30:05) Please Vote on the right===>

Battle Road: 10 miles, 71,sunny,breezy, 73 minutes, felt slo after 30 minutes and upon waking. rest day tomorrow?

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