Saturday, October 27, 2007

Focus on the Task at Hand

Tomorrow will be four loops on the Mayor's Cup Men's Championship 8K course at Franklin Park in Boston. The course will be wet as today it's raining off and on. Good thing we picked up spikes!

My plan is to even pace one mile at a time. By keeping focused on the task at hand should help bring a PR. Now, if there were $100 for every mile split it could mentally drive the race. That's what mental training is about, being able to visualize, break down and perform the never before achieved.

If your training is there and the mind is strong, fast times or placement are to be hadd.
Noon, easy 4 miles in 32:40 on the Bowker Flats with a light drizzle at 61 degrees.

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  1. Hey Mark! Have a great race and hold the focus through the 4 laps ;-)