Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Checking my time it looks like I fell off the pace by running a 7:48 average which is out of the 7:09 to 7:39/mile range. The effort seemed like it was there and recovery is still going on.

I put up a new poll for the USATF-NE XC Championships coming up in two and a half weeks. It's 8K run on the same course as the Mayor's Cup in Farnklin Park, Boston.

Completely forgot about watching NOVA’s Marathon special last night. Was it any good?

AM,39: ARNWR, 10.5M, 1:21:55


  1. I voted for the fastest time as not only are you fast and talented, I think revenge will simply be yours.

  2. aaarrrggghhh-let it rip!

  3. Anonymous4:14 PM

    The NOVA special was poor in my opinion. Here was the premise: take a bunch of sedentary middle-age adults and try to prepare them to complete the Boston Marathon in 9 months. No surprise - stress fractures, shin splints, blood blisters from running in regular cotton socks, etc. Many walked a large portion of the course. Wonder if any will continue running after that experience. With weight loss and self-improvement the goal for most, it would have been better to start with an attainable (5K / 10K) goal where enjoyment, satisfaction and short-term / frequent positive reinforcement was the goal instead of unnecessary pain (who coached these people?) and delayed reward.