Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Preview Wayland XC Challenge

Look for the white unicorn here and you will find my beautiful wife running the Topsfield Cross Country Race.

amazing!!! is all I've got to say about Haile breaking the marathon world record. Two appreciative reads I came across on the subject are EthioBlog and PJ Morse.

A moderate run out on the Battle Road Trail (10.5 miles) this morning in a tic over 7:00. I certainly do have allot of tender muscles to recover from Sunday's XC battle. Can't wait for the next. Biked 75 minutes yesterday and walked the Wayland XC course. Have a nice day.


  1. Hi Mark,
    How is your Training going this year?

    Joe Carnegie

  2. Hi Joe,

    My training was good leading up to the Boston Marathon. Broke 2:50. Goal was to break 2:45 this Fall but training and injuries have shown otherwise. Thanks for asking as it's good to reflect back on questions like these.