Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Run to Vote, Vote on Training

Your turn to vote. please slect one of two choices on right---->>>

Ran a nice 65 minute ten miler this morning on the Battle Road Trail.

We received at least a dozen messages to vote in our *special* election for Congressman and to build a new police station. So, off with the stroller this pm for a second run to the tune of 4.5 miles in 45 minutes.

I am struggling with Cross Country specific training of speed for the next month or start the base phase for Boston 2008. The New England XC Grand Prix currently has me 4 points out from being the third Master.

Boston Marathon 2008 is only 27 weeks away!


  1. I'm voting XC under the assumption that you've done a few 20+ milers over the past few months. Boston is still over half a year away, plenty of time to get ready!

  2. last two 20+ milers:
    4/16/2007 Boston Marathon
    3/24/2007 20 miles

    interesting point, base phase lasts 12-16 weeks? this means I am less than that already

  3. Yes, lots of time to get ready for Beantown and the x-c training will make you stronger and faster. Right? Good luck!

  4. I was originally going to vote for the Boston buildup but Jamie and Mike make more sense. Plenty of time to ramp up for Boston '08.

    Time to crank up the intensity, get some power and zip in the legs and show those other pretenders who's boss.