Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tempo Interval: 2M-90-60-30

12 min warmup
~2 Mile tempo -12:26 (gate to river)
3 min jog rest3 x (90s, 60s, 30s @ slightly faster than race pace w/ jog rest 30 seconds, 3 min jog rest between sets
46 min cooldown
Total = 13 Miles, 93 min

This workout came up on a local runner's blog (14:31 on 5k this year). I mistakenly overlooked the rest interval between 90-60-30, they were to be identical to the time just ran.

The two miler was good to get a feel of power along with a vision of running through the hills while running the legs under. This form takes strength and practice to move away from the slow slog hunched over grind of hill running. Running the shorter reps strictly on the flat river trail was excellent for quick turnover, focusing on stride, breathing and flow.

All was done at effort with no set distances, just approximations based on time and feel. All sounds very Lydiardesque to me.

Let's keep the votes rolling in; only 5 days left.


  1. Hey Mark,
    Thanks for leaving the comment at my site. My base phase looks conservative in the first 2 months, but by the end of December I'll be at 40 mpw and by March I'll be at 60 with a goal of maintaining 55-60 for the next 4 weeks. Since I am training for 400-800-Mile-5K this is a decent mileage amount. It's easily the most I will have ever run so that is why I am starting so slowly.
    I've got your site bookmarked to watch your Boston path. Good Luck.

  2. Go for it Paul. With your approach the injuries should be at a distant. It will be good to follow along.

  3. That sounds like a great workout I'd like to try sometime soon. It must get the legs moving faster than normal and the short breaks don't give you too much rest. Nice work!