Monday, October 08, 2007

The Wayland XC Challenge

Race management was nice enough to let us know that a delay in the start was caused by the football games in the middle of the track. Apparently it was poor coordination between Park & Rec and the School Athletics. We started on a field next to the track, ran one loop on the track, and then the course. Supposedly the last minute change was measured to be correct.
The course was in good condition. It was evident on our warm-up they added sand on a treacherous downhill leading into the “bowl”. Weather was a humid 58 degrees with a slight breeze.
After last week’s thrashing I decided to strategize my race to the course. This means plan your moves, exertion and know when to kick the finish. After the delay we were off on a “two count” and hit the first Kilometer in 3:40 and mile at 5:50.
Thinking this was a bit slow as my competition was ahead, I continued to bide time on the grassy fields knowing tough running ahead.
The “bowl” downhill was quite dusty when we went flying down in, runners streaming along, about six moves by now to get ahead of slower runners.
Running behind one runner judging their age, form and breathing I decided to pull ahead on a wide turn just before the hill climb to the rim. This allowed the advantage of seeing the trail stones and roots while trying to catch the next runner. It paid off as I crested the hill running through it and moving along past several more runners along the edge.
Surprisingly on the wicked fast downhill the group ahead of me flew right along. Great, keeping pace.
Out of the woods, around the corner and ball diamond saw several more runners go by the side. Next was cross the entrance road over a median and down the parking lot, a couple more passed.
Soon, a short very steep hill, knees dragging the dirt and passing another runner on the backside. Finally perimeters loop around the fields and back to the track. Checking my competition and distance remaining it was evident I could take a few runners but not catch the comp. That I did with an excellent kick out running some young buck to the finish.
This was a strong race throughout, remained in control for breathing and strength. Never passed and always passing runners. It does beg the question of did I run too slow?

Finish time officially was 18:14 (5:52). 28th overall and 5th Master. The current results are amiss by one Master runner.

Results some Master came in 2nd O'all, I've got my work cut out for me!


  1. That looks like some serious (and deep)competition to me. You ran strong and are poised to take down some of your Masters competition. As you know, it's hard to infer too much from a cross country time.

    As for that guy finishing 2nd overall in 16:11; try triping him at the start :)

  2. I mentioned to the USATF-NE head at the start line, he lined up behind a track hurdle, that he would have to jump it to start the race, hmmm might be onto something here