Sunday, November 04, 2007

Amherst 5K XC

Another USATF-NE XC Grand Prix race for us today. This afternoon Barb walks away with first Master and fourth overall female. A large loaf of bread was awarded to her. As for myself it was unofficialy 10 seconds faster than my last XC 5K.

Freestyle Farm, host site, is the home of our favorite course thus far. It's very picteresque with a beautiful 52 acre pond that the course loops. Described as technically challenging; it is. The water crossings, screaming downhills, and formidable uphills set on wide paths make for a fun afternoon of running.

unoficially, 18:04, 3rd Master and 12th overall.


  1. Nice job! Fast time, especially on technical trails. Mmmmmmmm, bread.

  2. Great job! It sounds fun to be able to run XC races. I wish we had something like this in my area. I too am a masters runner and would like to run more 5k, 10ks. I see a lot on the internet on marathon training but not on the shorter stuff. Is there a particular program that you follow for you 5k training?


  3. We made French Toast out of the bread, it was yummie.

    Jim, Right now I am doing base training for the 2008 Boston Marathon. I've never followed a 5K program but always tried to lower the time. Look into Jack Daniels and Pete Pfitzinger for some good 5k programs.