Thursday, November 29, 2007

Apply This to That

Training for the mind. It's one thing to read about being calm and smooth while striding through the marathon miles and another to see fluid in motion. Sheer power.
Click here for one of my favorite running videos

THAT (see my blog for the video here)

Personally, mental training should be started early to engage thoughts in the end goal. This thinking should bring reasoning to the daily "workout with a purpose."

Didn't have a choice in pulling back this morning as the knees had no lift. Probably a cumulative effect of yesterday's work and doubles. One decent pickup on the hill to the school. Made a mediocre effort to run 7:00\mile pace for the last mile to find myself crashing in the last 100 meters. Mostly a bad run and just wanted it over.
Yesterday: pm,Haynes Loop,5M,34:24,6:53\mile
Training: am,37,Willow Guzzle, 10M, 1:16:15 7:37\mile

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