Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Boston Marathon 2007 Masters Awards

Boston Marathon 2008, get the fever...Looking at this 2007 article it places me sixth in the local area with a 2:49:13. Not nearly close enough to take a walk an award in the esteemed Copley Hotel. Take a close look at the race times for the number one and two, see what I see?

Well, just wasted a few minutes to find how many Masters are awarded. Five? Maybe a list somewhere? Bottom line is I need to run faster.

MJ here is my post on the Speed-Strength Workout.

Training: soft, rain soaked trails for an easy hour with mild temps, right achilles still flaring.


  1. Thanks for the details of your Strength-Speed workout. I'm going to try my own version on Monday & report how it goes.

  2. In Boston, they award 10 Masters (10000$ to the first ...). in 2007 the 10th was around 2h38/39'

  3. by7-thanks and there you go folks break 2:40 as a Master at Boston and you stand a chance, not bad

  4. Actually to my amazement the first was "only" a 2h29' (a Russian transplanted in Florida), so you better shot to break 2h30' and bring home the 10000 bucks