Friday, November 30, 2007

Cross Country: 3rd, 2nd, 1st

Bronze: It doesn’t look like an update will happen for the USATF-NE Cross Country Grand Prix points total. One harrier didn’t receive points for a race allowing my closest competitor to come in second, by one point. For third master a medal is awarded.

Silver: My wife takes second master in her USATF-NE XC Grand Prix series.

Gold: Our Town High School girls cross country won the state meet and recently the regional. They are heading to Oregon to compete in the Nationals. Congratulations!

Fall Marathon or Fall Cross Country for a Fast Boston Marathon voting is shaping up with some interesting results; would love to hear your comments.

Training: am, Post Office Run, 6M, 42:07, 7:01\mile, 21:55 out and 20:12 on return burning out some of the carbon in the last 1200m.


  1. hi mark,
    yeah i guess my blog is a little strange! i'am kind of expressing my self and my running through art and music.its kind of evolving and changing with time.
    leg speed;
    i have been doing this session since mid summer once a week and seem to be getting good results from it.
    in ARTHUR LYDIARD'S original training plans he recommended doing this session once ever two weeks in the 12 week base building stage
    and every other day in the 4-6 week hill training stage.
    this training really helps develop the nervous system and muscles to work at higher cadence.remember to take a 3 min recovery between each effort as this session is not about building up lactic acid but about fine speed.if you can not find a slight down hill to do this on you can always do the efforts with the wind behind you for the same effect.if you have never done this sort of training before expect slightly sore muscles,don't worry this will pass as your body adapts.
    hope this has as been of help to you mark.always happy to help and exchange ideas. happy running, alien lizard !

  2. hi again mark,
    was looking at your p.b.s which look pretty close to my best times except your 10 mile time which i think you will be able to smash . i think you should be able to run around 57 - 58 mins

  3. Does one call you rfal or do you have another name you go by? yes, the pb's (masters) are close, be interesting to see how the development goes along and thanks for the tips on leg speed

  4. Congrats on a great x-c season Mark. It will produce results come April.