Thursday, November 15, 2007

Five Minutes Off Your Boston Marathon: Guaranteed!

Dr. Z guarantees five minutes off my Boston Marathon time running in the new orthotics. I took them on an easy five mile Haynes Loop at an average 6:30 pace\mile this morning to break them in.

Second run of the day was a treadmill mix with a few core exercises thrown in to build strength. 40 minutes for five miles with 2x .25m at 6:00/mile.

Yesterday was an easy 10 miles on the soft pine needle trails in the Reservation ranting with Kyle about this w\e’s Championship Race.

I should mention my earlier post about Coach Joe’s program where it looked as if it was upside down. Well, the Coach made a comment that his true goal is to set a Half-Marathon PR prior to Boston! Be sure and pay a visit as he just put up a ton of stuff on post-season training.

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