Sunday, November 11, 2007

REPORT: Boston Marathon- Base Training

REPORT: Boston Marathon- Base Training
A recovery pace for three miles was hard to manage as my right Achilles was flaring from yesterday’s trail abuse. I stretched it about half-way to loosen and continue.

Back to the weekly reports as a tool to help reflect on what happened and plan for what’s next. Consistency will be the theme after next week’s race. Look for an average of 70-80 miles primarily at easy pace.

Weekly Review
Total Miles: 70.0
Number of Workouts: 10
Stretching: most pre and every post run
Yoga: two, been consistent for six weeks
P\U, S\U: pulled back muscle left side from raking\push-ups
Notes: Physically needing quicker recovery to perform at a higher level. Changing to double runs to have higher mileage and keeping the pace slower.
Issues to Note: right Achilles from trail running, right hip still has some limited range
Next Week Goal: Easy running with USATF-NE XC Championship race. Our B.A.A. Masters team is starting to shape up nicely.

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