Monday, November 12, 2007

Right Achilles Tendon

The Stonecat Trail did a number on my right achilles tendon. You know something is amiss when trying to two leg heel raises and it's painful the first inch up. Time to ice and massage to get the blood circulating in promotion of healing.

I came across this Boston Marathoner's blog who promises a weekly post on his venture. It's good to see others are also starting to focus on the Patriot's Day race.

Coach Joe's training program reads upside down. Here is a coach (also Ultramarathoner) starting with speed workouts then medium distance and finishing doing endurance training for phases. Just the opposite of what I will do.

It kind of reminds me of the OldLobo and his Boston Marathon pursuit last year. OldLobo got injured, poor guy; it's a fine line for Masters runners to put the stops on when things could pull you off track.

Lastly, the timing frequency was interfered at the NYC Marathon losing thousands of marathoner's data. Read about it here. Was it intentional? What would jam the Chip timing system? Darn good reason to wear a watch at your chip races and display your bib number.

Training: Speed-Strength, one circuit, 3.75 miles. 4x.25m at 6:00/mi. pace on treadmill


  1. In regards to your comment that my (Coach Joe's) marathon training program sounds backwards, I didn't really let on my goals fully in the article. (It's always interesting to see what people pick up on!)

    My real goal is to run a half-marathon PR in the spring about 5 weeks before Boston. So the first two sections of my training are all really about building some additional speed toward that goal.

    In the last few weeks before Boston, I will add in the additional distance to be ready for the race, but I intend to run Boston at a slightly slower pace.

    I'm hoping to enjoy Boston and have fun there. With the hilly course and the crowds, it seems like it should be one to savor.

    I hope that you'll follow along in the progress. And good luck on your agressive goals.

    Coach Joe English

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  3. What exactly does your "strength-speed circuit" consist of? Lifting and hopping on the treadmill? Sounds intriguing.

    Pamper that achilles. Ice it, message it, take it out to dinner - whatever it takes.