Saturday, November 10, 2007

Stone Cat 50-Miler\Marathon Trail Race

Another weekend and another race is a common theme this fall. It's exciting to be back in the throes of competition.

Today was sidelines for me as my bride powers through the trails in Willowdale State Forest to finish (unofficially) in second and first master for the women at Stonecat.

After spending two hours in the freezing cold chatting it up with ultrarunning fanatic Jamie it was my time to run a pace lap. My wife ran over 70 miles pre-race and I was having trouble keeping up, at least in the beginning. I had four layers of clothing up top that had to be adjusted before I could get a rhythm.

I found difficulties with the trail’s rocky, rooted, switchback terrain to manage a decent stride. Today will be called a Long Run for “time on the feet”. Tomorrow will be a simple three-miler shakeout to bring the week’s total to 70.

Yesterday: am\pm, double, 30’s, Morse Road @7:50 pace for six miles each.


  1. Great seeing you again Mark. Really enjoyed hanging out while everyone else did all the running. Congrats again to your wife, she looked strong out there.

  2. 50 miles! I can't imagine but someday it'll happen. A big congratulations to your wife on her 1st one and doing so well. Good luck to you getting ready for next weekend.