Friday, November 16, 2007

Thanks For Your NE's Voting!

You can very well change the battery in your HR monitor like I did. It's basically designed like a watch and really does not require sending it in if you have some mechanical aptitude and dexterity.

Thanks for your NE's XC votes. 10 so far. It will be interesting to see how the race comes around.

Observed one coyote in the Poor Farm Meadow Area

am: 41,windy, humid,raw, Haynes Loop 5M in 33:45 for a 6:45\mile pace -HR 139
noon: 46,windy,humid,Haynes Loop 5M in 31:42 for a 6:20\mile pace -HR 143


  1. Best wishes for the next race. Coyotes are also cool to spot. Neat animals (except when they get my neighbor's sled dogs going).

  2. Thanks Jamie, this coyote looked to only be about 30-40 lbs. Do you dogsled?