Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Vote: XC or Marathon for Faster Boston Marathon Race?

In just winding down from a "first ever" cross country season I am pondering the title question.

I've ran Boston off and on about ten times with PR of 2:38. All of these races were preceded by a fall marathon. Now, as a masters age runner the intention is to train smarter and run faster.

A huge advantage I see in XC is the quicker recovery. Last year it took four weeks to build mileage up, which only left four weeks of base training. Then it was onto a 16-week marathon conditioning program. It seemed the body wasn't prepared for the work.

With XC, the miles can stay up at base level with every two-three weeks a pullback as a mini-taper for a race. The races serve as a built in rest mechanism and a quality workout.

Feel free to cast your vote on the right sidebar and post comments.

I'll try and put this up on as my first ever post there.

Training: easy 6m on Bowker Flats in 45:40


  1. You may have to sift through the multiple attacks to your manhood and defend the fact that a 2:38 marathon even constitutes “running” but I hope the hoards can offer some useful advice. There are just enough gems in the dung pile to take the chance.

    BTW, next time you might try posting as “Hot Boston Runner Girl” to get more responses :)

  2. Ha ha ha, I like Dotson's last bit of advice there.

    Tough choice, both are fun. I voted fall marathon, but for selfish reasons as I hope you'd consider running at MDI so I'd see you there next year.