Friday, November 23, 2007

With Downeast Running

A brisk 30-something morning was my real-world encounter with this fellow marathoner. Starting at the standard street drain cover on the non-standard measured ARNWR long loop we were off running for the next 87 minutes.

The run, consistently conversational took us through McMansionville, crossed a State highway, past the lacrosse field and into the wildlife of the reservation. No half-stepping competitive running here, just sharing the knowledge as two students of the sport expound ideas and experience.

Uneven surfaces, 800 meter pine needle trail, one duck hunter, a bridge under repair, private runway, Kenyan like road, climbing a fence, trail signs, a large gravel pit, the State Firefighting School, a good hill with soft footing to dream about doing repeats, no trespassing sign, parking lot, gate (2nd one), Patrol Road, abandoned homes by eminent domain, pond not-fished much and *secret fartlek training* (only provided in person) with the finish back at the street drain.

Bagels, coffee, tea, more stories and it’s a good way to start the full day of Christmas shopping. Thanks for the run Andrew.

1 comment:

  1. The pleasure was all mine Mark!

    Notice I didn't go into detail on the secret Fartlek training on my blog. But I'll send some students to you.

    A great run and conversation! Here's to a good winter of running!