Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Broken Runner: Weekly Report

This runner is physically and mentally exhausted. The week was a pull back on training time and mileage despite the weather cooperating before we get whacked with another 8” of snow.

The question is how long until a turnaround?

Weekly Review
Total Miles\Time: 47.3\7.17
Number of Workouts: 6
Stretching: most pre and slacking every post run
Yoga: meager effort at Tae-Bo, stretching
P\U, S\U: slacking
Notes: very low motivation.
Issues to Note:
Strange issues come up with hips not pinned to anything, generally feel all is a go.
Next Week Goal: Boston Marathon training starts tomorrow
AM: 13.75M, Water Row, 2:00:26 , unexpected shifting pace

1 comment:

  1. A few of those 2 hour runs and you'll be back in the game.

    In my experience, I have found that the short 5 milers leave me feeling empty. I feel neither recovered or motivated.

    When I'm feeling blue or low, a 2 hour run can either leave me exhilarated or fatigued. In both instances, there's no denying the good work the slow pace and long outing did for the total plan.

    It's easier to work through the fatigue when you *know* that good work is being done. Yes, the optimal aerobic work may be on hold but it'll come back. It's those blasted short runs that just don't fill the bill. Avoid them!

    Fill your week with 4 to 5 slow longish runs (10 miles & up) and you'll climb up on out in just a few weeks - and not lose an ounce of training.

    Keep at it! It's great that the Boston marathon plan is beginning. Not many weeks to go!