Sunday, December 09, 2007

Fuel 600+ Calories: Weekly Report

Add the banana to the 600 to stoke this morning’s long run fire. The first five mile loop went down in 40:59; thinking not bad, let’s notch it up a little and get a progression going. Loop two mile six stopped to stretch hammies. Mile nine at the Poor Farm Meadow distracted as a red fox pulled one field mouse out for breakfast. How rude to stand and watch it forage. It pounce’s another and then alerted by a passing motorist wonders “what’s that slowpoke marathoner doing standing there?”

We both go off in our own direction. Spirited by nature I wasn’t quitting after ten miles; second loop in 42:08. This high was short lived but too late as the third loop was already underway. Next stop home, third loop improved to 41:06. But wait, had to add one mile to make 70 for the week; last mile 9:03 on the Belcher Hill Loop. Glad it was over.

Weekly Review
Total Miles\Time: 70.0\8.99
Number of Workouts: 8
Stretching: most pre and almost every post run
Yoga: one, stretching and strengthening
P\U, S\U: ok
Long run continues to be a chore.
Issues to Note: Slipping on ice didn’t help right hip.
Next Week Goal: Same as this week, easy does it.
Thursday: Willow Guzzle, out-23:10, loop, 29:52, back-22:24 1:15:28 for a 7:32 pace
Friday: Treadmill 38:15 for a 7:39 pace
AM: 3x Haynes Loop + Belcher for 16 miles. #1-40:59, #2-42:08, #3-41:06 (2:04:13) Belcher Hill-1-9:03, average of 8:19\mile

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  1. Too cool about the fox! Awesome!