Monday, December 17, 2007

Track the Time: Weekly Report

All the snow is changing this running plan to focus on minutes or hours of running. Snowshoeing doesn’t add many miles but does provide a robust workout, especially blazing trails in deep powder (about 50% more effort).

There were cross country ski tracks in the Poor Farm Meadow on my loop yesterday afternoon. Using them did make the knee deep fluffy white stuff less cumbersome. I trampled all over the skinny little rails plowing a good swath. I could hear the muffled whoomp of powder compacting under the snowshoes and my jacket fabric swishing with each arm pull. Stopping for a second, admiring a red-tailed hawk swooping in low to the ground heading for a flock of small snow-white underbelly, it was then, the serenity quietly whispered “welcome to winter.”

Through the day the snow turned to sleet, freezing the surface, and then rain; puddling on top. There was no sign of sly red fox hunting for dinner, or the fat gobblers surface walking, only a lone snowshoer breaking a trail and connecting with nature.

Weekly Review
Total Miles\Time: 67.8\9.62
Number of Workouts: 9
Stretching: most pre and almost every post run
Yoga: two
P\U, S\U: ok
Still working on the long run.
Issues to Note: Right hip range of motion totally cleared! It took about twelve weeks. I’ll follow up later with the recovery method. New issue is a left hamstring pull, most likely from the 4:40 pace treadmill run.?!
Next Week Goal: Same as this week, easy does it.

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