Thursday, December 27, 2007

Boston Marathon Vote Result 25-7

Majority voted for using the Fall cross country season as a means to a faster Boston Marathon.

Training: Boston Marathon miles 16-22 and back w\Barb. okay to 10M then left upper quad, hip, groin, hammie got cold struggled at 9's for a bit then relaxed until quit. Total of 12.5 miles ~8:41 pace comes out with a time of 1:48:17.

*special treat* stops included photos of mile markers, etc. I'll post later


  1. Those slow runs really refresh.

    I'm just back from my bi-weekly massage therapy. A good habit I picked up a while ago. It keeps those muscles loose and ready.

  2. agree on the slow runs, it seems lately they are what happens and not "forced to go slow"