Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Long Run Dilemma

Marathon Weekly Mileage

I just ran 22M on this past Saturday as I thought there was a group long run this Sunday, it was last week. I was planning on this 2002 Long Run Schedule coming up:
Week 10=22M Group Long Run
Week 11=15M
Week 12=Race 1\2 Marathon
Week 13=23M Group Long Run

Week 14=14M Easy Pace
Week 15=12M Easy Pace
Week 16-0M as Boston is Monday

Since I was at the Hyannis Marathon and missed the Long Run, the 2007 schedule is:
Week 10=18M
Week 11=24M Group Long Run
Week 12=Race 1\2 Marathon
Week 13=18M

Week 14=14M Easy Pace
Week 15=12M Easy Pace
Week 16-0M as Boston is Monday

The dilemma is week's 10-13 Long Run Mileage. Confidence wise I think the 1\2 Marathon race is important. Current race plan is to not over extend by going out at 6:00\mile and holding for at least seven miles and then running progressively faster.

Your thoughts and comments are encouraged and appreciated. Thanks. -mark

7x 1000 Workout (2nd)

If there wasn’t snow on the track . . . then it would have been a good chance to beat this same w\o I did about five weeks ago. Snowshoes won out in the ARNWR, eight miles, until one rivet let loose on the toe hold and then the Adrenalines carried the weight.

Best snowshoeing is on fresh or untracked snow. To my surprise I found old heavy equipment tracks on most of the perimeter roads that weren’t plowed to gain access to the weather station. There are x-c ski, snowmobile, snowshoe, four-wheeler, hiking boots and one runner with a very long stride tracks over allot of the trails.

Training: am, 34, ARNWR, 11.25M, 1:48:29, 9:38 pace of snowy fun

Monday, February 26, 2007

Easy Running Day

Most important part of this post is the Boston Marathon photo to keep all of us “dreamers” focused on the goal. This morning was an easy shakeout as the snow returns for the am commute. Maybe, I can get another in this afternoon.
Boston Marathon Course
If tomorrow’s conditions are awash the intervals may be done out in the ARNWR on snowshoes. Now that would be cool!

Training: am,62,Treadmill, 3.0M, 23:46

Sunday, February 25, 2007

REPORT: Week Nine - Boston Marathon Training

A race this week would’ve been better considering my recovery from the cold virus. It did turn out a good week of training with one double, x-c skiing, nice long run, a cool tempo, focus on hills and support at the Hyannis Marathon.

I got a chance to meet Jamie after the race; he is pursuing a BQ. He looked strong when I saw him at mile 5 and 13. Like my best friend and many others this just wasn't the day. It can be tough all around on us when the miles get the best of us. Send him a cheer for his effeorts if you get a chance.

This week feels like my running is back on track. That’s good because there are now only seven weeks remaining! This week has the ultimate “Down the Hatch” 22-miler from the Hopkinton Boston Marathon start to Cleveland Circle.

Weekly Review
Total Miles: 73 – 115% of max, 10% at MP or faster
Number of Workouts: 8
Stretching: some, muscles are tight
Yoga: one
P\U, S\U: 150/300
Notes: Excellent training week considering recovery early on.
Issues to Note: cold virus done!
Next Week Goal: See my Training Log

Thursday, February 22, 2007

2x20 Minute Tempo at MP

With the pending snow coming tonight I switched tomorrow’s tempo for today. There was some ice on the roads but overall, acceptable. Morse Road is full of hills along with its lead Mossman that will make an honest runner out of anyone. It’s roughly three miles one way. Outbound was slightly faster as it’s more downhill and the legs are fresher. Came out with a 19:15\6:14 and 19:20\6:21 average per mile pace.

The rest was a jog at Nixon school for 5:35. Historically, I think I used to run this out n’ back in sub 40 minutes. Looks like I may have a little work to do. This is an enjoyable run that is not for the faint of heart and susceptible to injury.

Alex and I had a good two hours of x-country skiing today at the Weston Ski Track. It was a little disheartening to have him blow by me on skate skis compared to my classic skis.

Training Wednesday: am 4M on the mill and 6M pm with the stroller on hills
Training: am,28, fair, 10.5M, 72:46, 6:55\mile, 149 AHR

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

3x(800-600-400-200) Distance Play

The local track is buried under snow and driving to an indoor doesn’t fit our current schedule. Thought maybe these could be done on Longfellow but discovered the legs were turning over slow. Went for the mile repeats and took the first at 6:23. Next, was an 800m and quit that about half way through as the legs felt heavy.

From the DOMS feeling this tells me more recovery is needed. Fine, I can deal with that, although now the psyche is back and energy level. WoooooHoooo here we go Boston Marathon! I went for the hills of Mossman\Morse negatively splitting the three miles on the way back as the sun warms us up. It’s supposed to hit above 45 degrees today. That’s much nicer than yesterday’s single digit temperature run.

Training Monday: am, Haynes Loop, 5.0M easy
Training: am,28, fair, 11.75M, 85:00, 7:14\mile, 156 AHR

Sunday, February 18, 2007

REPORT: Week Eight - Boston Marathon Training

Finally, after 12 days the cold virus relaxed its attack on my system allowing energy and health to return. Just in time for the Old Fashioned Ten Mile Race. The race brought courage and disappointment.

High expectations can bring a greater fall to one’s psyche. This was a tough day. First mile I hooked in three BAA runners at 5:45, successive miles followed but I felt the hill surging would cost me. Mile three the legs felt heavy and a side stitch brought on all sorts of negativity. Many runners passed me and each approaching hill took me lower. Another side stitch nailed me around 6.5m. Finally hills were done and I slammed down mile 8-10 around a 5:35 pace on the flats.

Finish 15th Master, 49th overall

Weekly Review
Total Miles: 59 – 84% of max, 24% at MP or faster
Number of Workouts: 6
Stretching: very little
Yoga: None
P\U, S\U: None
Notes: One snowshoe day. Major race
Issues to Note: cold virus lapses
Next Week Goal: See my Training Log,

Training Saturday: pm, Willow Guzzle, 10.0M, 76:42
Race: am,31, fair, 10.0M, 62:03, 6:12\mile, 160 AHR

Friday, February 16, 2007

Snowshoeing - Rest Day – Poor Farm Meadow

EXHILERATING! Snowshoeing is the cross training activity that really kicks up the snow and is allot of fun. For my Boston Marathon training it is allowed to cross-train on distance days, I am just extending it to a rest day. Wise decision or not?

The windchill at daybreak was -17 degrees Fahrenheit, its cold. I finally remembered out how to layer correctly, my fingers didn’t freeze. My wife gave me a real cool Adidas beanie for Valentines Day to keep my head warm.

It felt like I was ten years old, cruising through the Poor Farm Meadow blazing a new trail. The snow is fresh and crisp. It’s sturdy enough to keep the wild turkeys from breaking through but not this heavy-weight under-trained runner. On the return the fun continued as I stayed on the side of the road scaling snow mounds. An occasional rock wall presented itself as an edgy challenge to inline run and bound to a four foot drop. If only every run was as much fun at ten minutes per mile.

Tubbs Racing SnowshoesPoor Farm Meadow

Training: am, 14, 4.0M, Snowshoes, 40 minutes 146 AHR

Thursday, February 15, 2007

3rd MLR

Mother Nature brought us a Nor’Easter that put at least five inches of granular snow on the ground. It’s enough to break out the Yardman and clear the drive but too much for a MLR on the roads.

With the help of Bourne Identity, Matt Damon’s breakthrough action movie, I survived my longest training run on the treadmill this build. My cough is still there it just doesn’t send me reeling off the back of the belt. A little pain persists in my lower back; now may be contributed to snow removal.

Hopefully, I am breaking this slump and cold. Our pediatrician noted the cold virus going is lasting from 14-21 days. I am on day 11. Could it possibly clear by this w\e’s ten miler?

I continue to update my training log even if there isn’t a blog post daily. Some days there isn’t time, nothing to say, or just down n out sick.

Training: am, 65, 13.0M, 1:35:01, Treadmill, 154 AHR

Sunday, February 11, 2007

REPORT: Week Seven - Boston Marathon Training

The “sick” theme continued for the seventh day. Somehow after a very slow first two miles I managed to survive this long run. It seems I could deal with this cold better if I had more energy and my lower back didn’t feel the slight pain.

Enough complaining, determination will get through to the illness and win out in the long run. Snowstorm predicted for Valentines Day. Ten-mile race is scheduled for Sunday!

Weekly Review
Total Miles: 56 – 78% of max, 0% at MP or faster
Number of Workouts: 5
Stretching: very little
Yoga: None
P\U, S\U: None
Notes: Major energy sap from being sick with a cold. It’s been primarily upper chest congestion and lower back pain. For a recovery week this has been very tough. Two total rest days.
Issues to Note: SICK
Next Week Goal: See my Training Log, Race on Sunday!

Training: am, 19, fair, 21.0M, 129 HR

Friday, February 09, 2007

Tempo Work Postponed

I slowed down after five minutes of a 6:22 pace on the treadmill realizing it was too much effort for what its worth. Felt the need to cough at mile six but was hesitant as it stopped my w\o the other day. Luckily my long arms caught the treadmill bar to hold me up from falling over when I did. From then on breathing was taken cautiously as to not repeat and finish the nine miles.

Training: am,62, Treadmill, 9.0M, 66:48, 147 AHR

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Distance 7-9

We received a message on our home answering machine from the police department warning to keep kids and small pets safe from coyotes. A coyote bit a dog on Lincoln Road. Our town posted a bulletin on the website.

Thought I could run the tempo but decided on a distance run. Maybe I can fit in tomorrow or Saturday. Under-dressing for the cold and windy wintry weather won’t help my cold. Maybe the Mucinex as recommended by Eric will bode well.

Training: noon,23/7,Sunny, Morse Road+,9.0m 1:03:41

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A Cold in the very Cold Weather is no fun!

Here goes. . . ran five miles on the mill yesterday bagging it when my coughing overtook the benefit. Today, another Total Rest day, like Monday, to try and recover from this cold. There, now that wasn’t so bad.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

REPORT: Week Six - Boston Marathon Training

I dropped my wife off at Marathon Way in Hopkinton and drove to BC. There I met up with our old running club the BAA. My effort was a so-so 10 repetitions up and down a section of Heartbreak Hill. The carriage roads followed to the fire station and out to Cleveland Circle. Their was a strong Boston Marathon tailwind which made heading out downright cold.

Weekly Review
Total Miles: 74 – 108% of max, 12% at MP or faster
Number of Workouts: 7
Stretching: light on pre-run and most post-runs
Yoga: Two
P\U, S\U: Abs of Steel (4)

Notes: The anxiety mental game seems to plague my pacing and keeping me from being relaxed. With an absence from racing the faster paces seem detached. This is contrary to my past where going into a workout my mindset was “I know” I can do this.
Issues to Note: NSTR
Next Week Goal: See my Training Log,

Training: am, 19, fair, 2:23:54, 7:11/mile, 20.0M, 143 HR

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Tempo-Fresh Pond, Treadmill Progression

While watching the Guardian we heard a loud metal sound that could’ve been a snowplow striking it’s blade to clear the roads. Turns out the SUV, earlier doing 180s, had smashed into our stone wall. There is a possibility it is the same driver that striped our lawn last spring.

Mother Nature made the call in not allowing weather permitting for the Fresh Pond Race. I resorted to the treadmill with hesitancy and anxiety. The mind didn’t have it in me to crank out 5-6.5 miles at a 6:00 pace. While listening to the finish of the 2006 Boston Marathon I started the pace at 8:00 and increased it one level every minute until 6:30. By then my HR was running about 165 so started to bring the pace back to 8:00.

The first five went down at a 7:15 average pace with 20 ounces of Gatorade Endurance. I finished 20 oz. of water on the next five miles. The troubling factors are most likely mental, hydration and a little over six hours sleep.

This could’ve been an excellent morning to run with the group. Something I don’t get enough of. Surely they would’ve pushed me along. Tomorrow brings hills, let’s hope some of this snow melts.

Yesterday: pm,35,Water Row, Stroller, 9.9m 76:12\7:41, 138 AHR
Training: am,65,treadmill, 8.0m 59:13\7:24 151 AHR

Thursday, February 01, 2007

2nd MLR

These runs appear on the program on alternate Thursdays. It’s key that one doesn’t run the Tuesday interval sessions too fast compromising the rest of the week’s w\o’s.


  1. Anxiety of not making the w\o led to an opening 5m at 6:20 pace.
  2. A 5:45 and 5:41 were around mile 5 for some reason.
  3. Before reaching ten I was at least 90 seconds ahead.
  4. Floated a few miles above 6:30 to give back.
  5. Cold weather, able to run with water.
  6. Tried to contain this to reserve for the w\e.

Saturday is a continuous marathon tempo run at the Fresh Pond Race. It’s a 2.5m loop course, you can run one or two loops. The top five male & female are posted in the Boston Sunday Globe. Once again, goal is to stick to the program, i.e. don’t make the paper. Hills on Sunday. Finished January with 290+ miles.

Yesterday: am,65,treadmill, 8.0m 60:35
Training: am,25,fair, 2xHaynes,BF+,13m 1:23:35 162 AHR