Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Carry You

Words our three year old repeats paraphrased from, "Would you like me to carry you?"

That's how I felt after bailing out in just uder a mile of last night's 4 x 2000 meter.

5M: 38:46, 7:45/mi., 141 AHR, (peak of 178 at a 5:07, somehow I don't believe this Garmin)

Monday, January 28, 2008

Profoundly Uncomfortable

I’ll gripe no more of being sick or tired of the winter. Approximately 28 days of poor to mediocre training. So, it hasn’t been a good start, but don't dwell on the past. It’s time to move on and run for the future.

Yesterday was an easy run to almost mile 12 in Wellesley on the Boston Marathon Course. After moving aside the Wellesley co-eds at Starbucks, same girls that make the screaming tunnel, I divulged my run to my wife and son.

It was snowing when she let me out at mile six. Running against the blinding white flakes to Ashland and making the turn at mile three to snap the photo. From there I hoped for a 7:00 to 7:30 pace. Four miles at target pace in Framingham; they do the best job clearing the roads.

Around 15K, after a brief water stop, I slipped causing my left leg to fly until it slid off the ice patch. Aaarrggh, from there it was ever the more lousy until I pulled the plug.

Ashland T

11.9 miles in 1:35:42, 8:04\mi
am: 3M in just under 27 Minutes

Weekly Review

Total Miles: 39.4
Number of Workouts: 5
Stretching: dismal
Yoga: one
P\U, S\U: some
Notes: Starting to get concerned of lost\poor training.
Issues to Note: Very bad cold virus for first two days of no running. Sore muscles, started Epsom salt baths.
Next Week Goal: Get better and run the minimum.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Epsom Salt Baths

A sore muscle aches and pains remedy is soaking in a tub with Epsom Salts. This is my daily treatment until the aggravations go away. I use hot water and about two handfuls. You can typically find the product at your local supermarket or pharmacy in a half-gallon milk carton style container. It’s cheap. It seems to be working on my sore lower abs and adductors. Good.

Thursday: am, 12M, out-45:27, back-46:36 avg. of 7:40 /mi.
Training: am, 4M on treadmill in 31:56

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Lance Armstong in my Boston Marathon Corral?

Ever since last week when the BAA announced that the seven time Tour de France winner and 2:46 NYC Marathoner Lance Armstrong will run the Boston Marathon I've been thinking of how it will change the race.

Will Lance be lining up in the first corral with me where his BQ places him? Bodyguards? LanceCam? Pacesetters?

Will Lance be allowed special consideration and start with the sub and elite runners just in front of our first corral?

The YouTube links were posted by Matt Taylor on Runnerville.

aaarggh, Feed the Warrior--I better get training to finish ahead of this media blitz.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cold From Hades

A fellow runner emails me well wishes of the above to leave, and I to get better soon. Thanks, the sooner the better. I would also like to extend this wish to others suffering from illness as well.

I am back on the roads this morning for a light shakeout run. The last two days have been total rest.

Also, let’s back off on congrats for my recent 5K as it was termed a “run” vice “race.”

Training: AM, 32F, 5.5 miles in 43:40

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Disaster Run(ning)

Our long group run on the Boston Marathon course this morning began with the first six miles at roughly a 7:14 pace.
Boston Marathon Miles
16-15: 7:24
15-14: 7:13
14-13: 7:21
13-12.? 7:44 (turned at the first Wellesley College entrance)
13-14: 8:06
14-15: 8:23
15-16: 8:29
16-22: walked into Starbucks and got a cup of water; walk\run the rest in the cold. My wife came to rescue me, thank goodness in the last mile.

In the past three weeks I have been sick. It’s a low-grade bothersome, energy zapping crap taking the training down. Mileage has been dismal, some runs I quit after 2.o or 2.5 or 1.0 miles and then walk. Yoga, stretching, situps\pushups have also dropped off steeply.

A few bright spots in the period were a stretch of three days of strong 7:00/mi runs. A 16.5 mile long run on the marathon course; which I paid for later.

edit (request of several readers): Also, a 5k run that had over 5,000 participants and I came in first overall; it was a magical experience. Fireworks starting the race, I found myself in 12th position thinking this was going to be very competitive.

Around a half mile, on a big sweeping curve, half of the front runners fell behind. With three up front, all looking and striding of being very fast runners. I would be happy to settle for fourth considering my condition. Moving past the third runner I was thinking the front two, running side by side, were there to bide time until the finish to kick it in.

After mile one, the course has many turns with lots of coverage. With a pickup I was able to bridge the gap, check: their status, breathing, stride, facials, and move past them attempting to look cool and relaxed. Admittedly, it was a mental strategy meant to intimidate the competition. Once I felt out of site, not hearing their breathing or footsteps, they may only think of placing second or third. Then I could settle to the previous pace; approximately 5:30\mile.

An out and back around mile two showed I had a sizeable lead and both runners separated giving a hard push. The finish line came, photos were taken; no official time or results ever posted. Just a medal made out of rubber of a mouse character.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Young at Heart

I just finished reading a biography on Johnny A. Kelley, "the Elder", titled "Young at Heart." You can see my picture of his statue on Commonwealth Avenue in Newton, mile 19, on my blog's slide show.

He was an amazing runner to set the records he did in the time he was running. I am looking forward to challenging some of his race times at the Boston Marathon. Figuring he ran in a less-advantaged era it would lend in my favor.

Now, if I could only get rid of this cold virus. . .

Yesterday: Bowker Flats: 5M, 38:27, 7:41\mi
Today: Treadmill: 3M, 24:25, 8:08\mi

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

By Feel -scratch the interval session>

Another workout, 1m-2m-1m gone by the wayside. I wasn't about to FORCE it. Instead opted for the mileage low end and will continue to do so until this virus clears.

A blog runner friend, Andrew, is featured in this article. A timely piece as he seems to be on the right track. It wasn't long ago that he proposed a plan of building great mileage, 100+ mile weeks. I commented it was a train wreck in the making. We both lived and learned from his experience executing that plan. Now, a new plan, including patience is consistently working.

Another blog runner, Mike, is in this article that is a good read. He is looking to run a PR in the marathon this weekend. Stop by and wish him the best.

am: 8 miles in 67:42, Spring like temperature

Monday, January 07, 2008

Stretching and Strengthening

This being a rest day, 0-3 miles, I’ll fill in the time with a post for Thomas and others that are interested in my stretching and strengthening routine.

Early last Fall, I made a decision to mend running ailments. There were bothersome hips, limited range of motion, inner shin that hurt with each step. Do you remember that mess?
I got fitted for new orthotics, a general physical exam, and new shoes. Next, was physical therapy.

December I started the PT, 2x\week. The therapist listened to my story and provided the following exercises.

“Clams” side lying with knees bent rotate top thigh, hold 5 seconds and repeat 30 times, each leg.
Side-lying Hip ABDuction – abs snug, legs straight, raise top leg, hold 5 seconds and repeat 30 times, each leg.
Hamstring Bridge – place heels on a physioball while lying on your back. Perform a bridge lifting your pelvis off the floor. Do three variations by moving the calves and the knees onto the ball. 30 times each position.

Knee to Chest Stretch, Hamstring Stretch, Hip Flexor, Piriformis. Hold for 20 seconds, 3 x times per set 1 set per session, two sessions per day.

The best I felt was on the fourth visit where the PT provided active stretching. I walked out of there across the parking lot with the full range of hip motion. That sold me right there on the value of having someone else help you.

On the fifth visit, the assistant argued with me that running 70/miles a week needs to stop in order for the hip to get better. The assistant never provided active stretching only minimal guidance. Just seeing to it the hour was spent doing some sort of strength/stretch routine. I could do that on my own!

Over the next day or so, the hip issue returned, but continuing the exercises and later snowshoeing has cleared it to this day. I never went back for a sixth visit. It really makes a difference who runners select for their care. My thoughts are without the mind sense of endurance training a provider is missing the key insight to their patients.

Runners World has an excellent reference on injury preventio with some really good videos. These are the kinds that one would typically pay for. Here's to your healthy running!

Training: Rest Day, I’m going for zero miles.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Boston Marathon Training Report: Journey Begins

What a difference one week makes from being broken to “not bad”. Look for “pretty good” in the future; as of now all is on the up and up.
The 112th Boston Marathon journey unofficially started this morning with a B.A.A. group run from Cleveland Circle. That’s the turn with the railroad tracks after mile 22 from the downhill, Chestnut Hill Avenue\Beacon Street.
A very good feeling of comradeship embarked on us as the good sized group headed out the backside to join up with the course around mile 16.5. Quick water grab and down to mile 14 for the run to mile 22. Building character in savoring the Newton Hills, matching stride for stride, swapping stories, meeting new runners and reminiscing with the old is what makes up the jaunt at Long Run pace and not racing.

Weekly Review
Total Miles\Time: 65.1
Number of Workouts: 7
Stretching: most pre and every post run
Yoga: none
P\U, S\U: just about every other day
Notes: Only sour run was the interval w\o on Tuesday. All other runs were sub 8:00\mi. hovering near 7:00 minutes. Very happy with this change.
Issues to Note: Scratchy throat issue migrating around cranium lending to restless sleep with excessive phlegm buildup. All other systems a go!
Next Week Goal: Plain and simple, just stick with the program and enjoy the ride.

AM: 16.5m, cldy,35(F), 1:55:42, 7:00/mi, HR Average: 150 Max: 170

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Taking Stock

2007 Highlights in Review
10-Miler, Masters PR
1\2 Marathon, Masters PR
Boston Marathon in 2:49, a new Masters PR
Six Cross Country Races completing the USATF-NE Grand Prix Series as third Master
5K, Masters PR
Total Miles: 2,663.5, this is fine, it's hard to keep out of the mileage game.
Stretching and Strengthening: Enlightening discovery in how much they help to stave off injuries, build confidence and a general good feeling.
Set PRs in all the 2007 PR races above; approach open PRs.
Settle on weekly mileage of 50-80, anymore tends to break down the body.
Maintain a healthy stretch and strengthening routine.
Read at least four running related books.
Break the "late summer running blues" cycle.

Best of luck to everyone out there in achieving your goals and staying healthy in 2008.

Distance: 8m in 56:26 for an avg. 7:03\mi

Friday, January 04, 2008

Don't Push It, Nice and Easy

Treadmill mantra to contain the pace within the easy zone. A must have considering this scratchy throat took a good hold. Opted for the Mucenix, not sure if it will help, vice seeing the Doc for antibiotics.

TM: 10m, 1:13:25, 7:20\mi avg.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

26.2 Frame of Mind


actuals: Bowker Flats\Morse Road-10 miles in 70:05 for 7:00\mi. very cold\windy

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Intervals and Distance

Here we are, my second blog year for the Boston Marathon. You may notice the titles start to get the name of workouts to keep RFM on track.

Yesterday was a pitiful 10 miler, interval day, early in the morning with the rising sun. Pitiful because black ice caused great concern and my legs had little gumption. Scratchy throat in morning.
8 x 2 min pick-ups @ 10k pace with 90 seconds recovery
w/u = 3.02 mi at 8:14/mi
1 - 6:30/mi
2 - 6:45/mi
3 - 6:29/mi
4 - 7:26/mi
5 - 7:02/mi
6 - 6:56/mi
7 - 8:08/mi
8 - 7:40/mi
c/d = 3.08 mi at 8:55/mi
Total = 9.6 mi, 1:19:13, Avg Pace 8:14/mi
Avg Heart Rate = 123 with a max HR of 148

Today for distance was 8 miles in 55:39 at a pace of 6:57/mi.

I just finished reading Once A Runner courtesy of Mike and Andrew. Thanks guys for the good holiday read.