Tuesday, January 08, 2008

By Feel -scratch the interval session>

Another workout, 1m-2m-1m gone by the wayside. I wasn't about to FORCE it. Instead opted for the mileage low end and will continue to do so until this virus clears.

A blog runner friend, Andrew, is featured in this article. A timely piece as he seems to be on the right track. It wasn't long ago that he proposed a plan of building great mileage, 100+ mile weeks. I commented it was a train wreck in the making. We both lived and learned from his experience executing that plan. Now, a new plan, including patience is consistently working.

Another blog runner, Mike, is in this article that is a good read. He is looking to run a PR in the marathon this weekend. Stop by and wish him the best.

am: 8 miles in 67:42, Spring like temperature

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