Sunday, January 20, 2008

Disaster Run(ning)

Our long group run on the Boston Marathon course this morning began with the first six miles at roughly a 7:14 pace.
Boston Marathon Miles
16-15: 7:24
15-14: 7:13
14-13: 7:21
13-12.? 7:44 (turned at the first Wellesley College entrance)
13-14: 8:06
14-15: 8:23
15-16: 8:29
16-22: walked into Starbucks and got a cup of water; walk\run the rest in the cold. My wife came to rescue me, thank goodness in the last mile.

In the past three weeks I have been sick. It’s a low-grade bothersome, energy zapping crap taking the training down. Mileage has been dismal, some runs I quit after 2.o or 2.5 or 1.0 miles and then walk. Yoga, stretching, situps\pushups have also dropped off steeply.

A few bright spots in the period were a stretch of three days of strong 7:00/mi runs. A 16.5 mile long run on the marathon course; which I paid for later.

edit (request of several readers): Also, a 5k run that had over 5,000 participants and I came in first overall; it was a magical experience. Fireworks starting the race, I found myself in 12th position thinking this was going to be very competitive.

Around a half mile, on a big sweeping curve, half of the front runners fell behind. With three up front, all looking and striding of being very fast runners. I would be happy to settle for fourth considering my condition. Moving past the third runner I was thinking the front two, running side by side, were there to bide time until the finish to kick it in.

After mile one, the course has many turns with lots of coverage. With a pickup I was able to bridge the gap, check: their status, breathing, stride, facials, and move past them attempting to look cool and relaxed. Admittedly, it was a mental strategy meant to intimidate the competition. Once I felt out of site, not hearing their breathing or footsteps, they may only think of placing second or third. Then I could settle to the previous pace; approximately 5:30\mile.

An out and back around mile two showed I had a sizeable lead and both runners separated giving a hard push. The finish line came, photos were taken; no official time or results ever posted. Just a medal made out of rubber of a mouse character.


  1. Mark!

    Did I miss the race report?? Tell us about the win! And congratulations!

  2. Wow - congrats on the win! First out of 5000 is pretty damn impressive. Details, details!

  3. Thanks and sorry but no more details to follow other than what's provided. One more hint is that you probably won't find finish results or times anywhere.

  4. Congrats on a great win. You can't be THAT sick!

  5. Mark - thanks for the update. Always nice to hear about someone doing well.

    Hopefully you'll kick this cold virus once and for all and get into primo shape for Boston!

  6. If you’re going to have a sucky week, you might as well go out and kick 5000 other runner’s butts. Congrats on the win and I hope this week finds you in better health.

    I just hope that after the race you didn’t go around bragging to your competitors about how sick you were and how much faster you could have run if you were healthy :)

  7. mj
    haha it wasn't that kind of event

    let me clarify, this was a "run" not a race, although some took it as such, I'm suprised someone hasn't figure out which one it was yet

  8. Nice report on the 5K win...Congrats are in order! Must feel awesome...

    Was this a Disney race? No park passes? :-)