Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Intervals and Distance

Here we are, my second blog year for the Boston Marathon. You may notice the titles start to get the name of workouts to keep RFM on track.

Yesterday was a pitiful 10 miler, interval day, early in the morning with the rising sun. Pitiful because black ice caused great concern and my legs had little gumption. Scratchy throat in morning.
8 x 2 min pick-ups @ 10k pace with 90 seconds recovery
w/u = 3.02 mi at 8:14/mi
1 - 6:30/mi
2 - 6:45/mi
3 - 6:29/mi
4 - 7:26/mi
5 - 7:02/mi
6 - 6:56/mi
7 - 8:08/mi
8 - 7:40/mi
c/d = 3.08 mi at 8:55/mi
Total = 9.6 mi, 1:19:13, Avg Pace 8:14/mi
Avg Heart Rate = 123 with a max HR of 148

Today for distance was 8 miles in 55:39 at a pace of 6:57/mi.

I just finished reading Once A Runner courtesy of Mike and Andrew. Thanks guys for the good holiday read.

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  1. All this ice and snow. What are we going to do with dry pavement?