Saturday, January 05, 2008

Taking Stock

2007 Highlights in Review
10-Miler, Masters PR
1\2 Marathon, Masters PR
Boston Marathon in 2:49, a new Masters PR
Six Cross Country Races completing the USATF-NE Grand Prix Series as third Master
5K, Masters PR
Total Miles: 2,663.5, this is fine, it's hard to keep out of the mileage game.
Stretching and Strengthening: Enlightening discovery in how much they help to stave off injuries, build confidence and a general good feeling.
Set PRs in all the 2007 PR races above; approach open PRs.
Settle on weekly mileage of 50-80, anymore tends to break down the body.
Maintain a healthy stretch and strengthening routine.
Read at least four running related books.
Break the "late summer running blues" cycle.

Best of luck to everyone out there in achieving your goals and staying healthy in 2008.

Distance: 8m in 56:26 for an avg. 7:03\mi


  1. Great year! Those are some tough but do-able goals. I've been amazed at the difference S&S makes after just 1 week. Good luck in '08 and hope to see you at Boston!

  2. May I ask, what stretches do you do, and how often do you do them?

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  4. Great year! Hope 2008 is just as rewarding.

  5. Thanks Mike, S&S has been since the first XC race back in August and became more serious in December.

    Thomas, I'll write up a post on some of the stretches next week. Right off, I must say that I later discovered RunnersWorld Videos has an excellent series on stretches for runners. I am very impressed with what they have there. It's something that you typically would expect to pay money for. your thoughts?

  6. Mark, I generally find that Runners World's web site is top notch - much better than you'd expect from such a crap magazine. And yes, the videos are very good. I just found the core strengthening series by Matt Tegenkamp, which I found very interesting.

    Regarding the question you asked on my site, I did just over 3700 miles in 2007, so 4000 for 2008 seemed a logical target. It's less than 10% more, and judging from last year's race results I thrive on high mileage.