Sunday, February 17, 2008

2008 OFTM: DNF

It’s a dry, cold and windy morning for a start in the absolute back alongside another stroller runner at the Old Fashioned Ten Miler. The pack thins after a half mile and the sneering comments roll in along with a few encouragers as we move to catch the little boy’s mom.

Protesting the cold as we just turned off the rotary heading downhill for the second of many stops; this one was a doozy, little guy tossing the second mitten over the side unbeknownst to this pusher a quarter mile back. Uuggh, we wheel around knowing plan A was out the door; mile one 8:35.

Book it down Main Street; stop at the port-o-john, run past the angry-roadrace-stopped-traffic drivers and back on the course. Just before mile four, where is she? Hey there goes a lady running with a camelback (edit: later found her 1/3 step-down plan is out at 6:30 then 6:00 and finish with 5:30s) . We MUST need to catch-up!

Stopping at mile 5 the coaches tell us, and the time, we are ahead of the game. Then, there she is, running fine, great we are in. On the left is a good view of the Patriot’s Stadium, never noticed that when racing here.

Splits 8:22, 7:42 for two, 6:57, 7:22, 8:02, 7:36, 6:53, 7:26.

I won't bore you with the rest of the story. Congratulations to all those that raced and finisher. Let's venture a guess this could put me back in the game.
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