Monday, March 17, 2008

2008 New Bedford Half Marathon, the local newspaper with far-ranging stories and a few photos of the 2008 New Bedford Half Marathon.
New Bedford Half Marathon Mile 1
My takeaway from the race for this year is the weather, high 30s, overcast, a strong wind and only water on the course. Excellent strategies played out by the overall women’s winner and number two men’s finisher. Viewed the race at the 1, 5, 12 mile course mark and the finish line. Spotted a number of men and women’s Olympic trials qualifiers.

Thanks to all runners and congratulations on your half marathon, great job out there!


  1. Wadda ya doin’ watching from the sidelines. Get out there and race! :)

    Hope your training is coming along now.

  2. "sometimes there is as much pain in watching as there is in running" RFM