Thursday, March 06, 2008

Street View Idea for Google: Boston Marathon

"Boston Marathon
Google Maps Street View could be very helpful to many marathoners, charities, spectators and others if it covered the complete course.

The street view offers so much more than what a purchased video of the course or one found on a video sharing website. The ability to pan and zoom is very helpful to identifying locations and surroundings. This is important logistically for communicating to others for meeting and marathoners to know the course.

Many marathoners are from around the world and this is their first time to Boston. Promoting street view to them and others could lead to future success of Google.

A feature to add would be mileage from the start on the overlay so one would know where they are on the course. I did find the six mile mark painted on the road in Framingham, but I had to pull up a course map from another site to help find it.

Google could then use this model further in other sporting events from the NYC Marathon, triathlons, Olympics, etc. It's an exciting tool and would love to see it further developed as I see street view to be very helpful."

That's my idea sent to Google today. Can you find mile 6 or others?

Training: yesterday 6M in 48:48, today 9.25M in 1:21:21

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