Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Three New Jeeps!

Small Jeep

Larger Jeep

Giant Green Jeep (thanks sweetheart!)

Take note that most of the snow is gone with the recent heavy rains and temperatures in the 40s.

A new job offer. This will take some getting used to as my consulting role allows flexibility in scheduling runs.

Snowboard lesson for two hours on Saturday with Jason at Waterville Valley got me "sliding" the run without falling! It was a most awesome time and great way to rekindle the youth, albeit it really takes a toll on these old muscles. A&E had a great time together and were none too impressed with my new skills. Luckily a cold raw rain started in the afternoon cutting the day short, and reducing the risk.

22-miler on the Boston Marathon course for my wife with J & I supporting, great fun with an awesome tailwind! She was rockin’, can’t wait ‘til Boston!

A Sarasota Marathon post of interest regarding Womens winner. Enjoy.

Running? A few five milers at a mediocre 8-9 minute pace

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  1. Sweet Jeep! Congrats! I have several of the first 2. None of the last. :)

    Nice run this weekend.