Saturday, September 27, 2008

Training: September 22-28, 2008

Mo- .5 easy to walk yesterday's LR dogged me
Tu- 7 25:59/24:59-50:58, easy, ARNWR trail out-n-back
Wd- 7 25:41/24:04-49:45, easy, ARNWR trail out-n-back
Th- 0 Jury Duty
Fr- 3.5 26:31 Mossman Loop
Sa- 15 (13.1 Wicked Half Marathon, Salem. 6th O'all 1st Master 1:23:37/6:23/mi
1-3 missed, 4-~6:12/24:50, 5-6:18/31:08, 6-6:31/37:40, 7-6:16/43:56, 8-missed, 9-6:25/56:46, 10-6:23/63:10, 11-6:30/69:40, 12-6:19/76:00, 13-6:27/82:27, 13.1-1:10/83:37. 100% humidity/fog, 65-70 degrees, slippery start/pavement. Early miss of mile splits led to running by feel for pace, moved from 8th to 5th early on. Quite startled on hill leading to 6M as this Woman rocketed by me. She was to later finish a full three minutes ahead of me. Anyhow, goal met of beating the Mcmillan Calculator of 1:25 by two minutes plus predicted off my last race.
Su- 10m Boston Marathon Course 9m-14m 9-9:11/9:11, 10-8:02/17:13, 11-7:32/24:45, 12-7:42/32:28, 13-7:26/39:54, 14-7:34/47:29, 13-7:27/54:57, 12-7:41/62:38, 11-7:28/70:07, 10-7:31/77:39. average 7:45 pace, out and back
Total: 43 miles

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Verrill Farm Fire

A tragic fire at the family Verrill Farm late this afternoon leaving us thoughts of all can be lost in a moment. Treasure now what you have or forever regret when its gone.

Many family memories were shared here at this local growers events and market. Shopping for the daily fare, Christmas trees or just a cup of soup to warm the body after a cold winter run are memories of recent times and hopefully returned.
The next morning on my run:

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Training: September 15-21, 2008

Mo- 6.9 ARNWR trail out-n-back, tempo back
Tu- 4 easy, Run to Vote, cranky (child) stroller run
Wd- 6.9 ARNWR trail out-n-back, tempo back
Th- 8 ARNWR trail out-n-back intense intervals (Chris Carmichael)
Fr- 5.5 Sudbury Plaza easy pace
Sa- 6.9 ARNWR trail out-n-back, easy
Su- 16.75 Verrill Farm
Total: 55.05

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Crackerbarrel Classic 5k

The Crackerbarrel Classic 5k: Results
Wrentham, MA about 70 degrees, overcast and humid.
Flat and fast, small bump hill around 3 miles. Good splits, late start.
went from 15th to 6th to 4th to 5th to 6th, third Master o'all
5:23 1st mile -planned a 5:45 a couple of good surges to catch and stay with the chase pack, 11:40 at 2M (while crashing), rest of splits lost. 18:35 finish-6:00/mile. Mcmillan Calculator (13.1/26.2 1:25:54/3:01:10)
Improved from 13-Aug 19:41!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Week Night Race - Harvard Summer 5K

Almost missed the monthly race series tonight due to threat of rain.
Almost missed beating the field, except my wife, while running too far on the course. Went from first to last after running by the orange cone on the side of the street thinking the turn-around would've been marked clearer.
Finished 23:42 for second place of eight on a hilly course pushing the stroller for 5K. probably ran 3.5M
Received a free cool-max t-shirt for participating, nice people; oh and no entry fee!

Will miss this w/e's USATF-NE XC race:
"Due to unsafe trail conditions caused by the heavy rains from the remnants of the recent hurricane, the Feel Good Farm Trail Races have been cancelled. We regret having to cancel, but we could not find any alternate trails that were safe enough to hold the event. 2 bridges were washed out on the course and a 50 foot long section of the trail is under at least a foot of water. All pre-entrants will have their entry fees refunded by US Mail within 3-4 weeks."

Saturday, September 06, 2008

You Look Like an Old Man Running

Title was commented on my cool down form after running a Wednesday evening 5K series race last month. It looks like I forgot to blog that race in; fourth place finish because they took so long to post the results.
13 Aug: 4 19:41 -1mm- M40-49 6:20/mile pace.

Sometime the mind works wonders when doubting comments push you to a new level.

Just ran Haynes loop, 5m, comfortably in 32:20, 6:28/mile pace.