Saturday, September 27, 2008

Training: September 22-28, 2008

Mo- .5 easy to walk yesterday's LR dogged me
Tu- 7 25:59/24:59-50:58, easy, ARNWR trail out-n-back
Wd- 7 25:41/24:04-49:45, easy, ARNWR trail out-n-back
Th- 0 Jury Duty
Fr- 3.5 26:31 Mossman Loop
Sa- 15 (13.1 Wicked Half Marathon, Salem. 6th O'all 1st Master 1:23:37/6:23/mi
1-3 missed, 4-~6:12/24:50, 5-6:18/31:08, 6-6:31/37:40, 7-6:16/43:56, 8-missed, 9-6:25/56:46, 10-6:23/63:10, 11-6:30/69:40, 12-6:19/76:00, 13-6:27/82:27, 13.1-1:10/83:37. 100% humidity/fog, 65-70 degrees, slippery start/pavement. Early miss of mile splits led to running by feel for pace, moved from 8th to 5th early on. Quite startled on hill leading to 6M as this Woman rocketed by me. She was to later finish a full three minutes ahead of me. Anyhow, goal met of beating the Mcmillan Calculator of 1:25 by two minutes plus predicted off my last race.
Su- 10m Boston Marathon Course 9m-14m 9-9:11/9:11, 10-8:02/17:13, 11-7:32/24:45, 12-7:42/32:28, 13-7:26/39:54, 14-7:34/47:29, 13-7:27/54:57, 12-7:41/62:38, 11-7:28/70:07, 10-7:31/77:39. average 7:45 pace, out and back
Total: 43 miles


  1. Mark - great run!! You're really coming back strong!

    Wow, Jen Toomey was in your race!?? When I clicked on the link I almost fell out of my chair!! I'll be talking to her on the phone tomorrow - I'll have to ask her what the heck she's doing running 1/2 marathons now.

  2. Great race result, congratulations!

  3. Thanx guys, running is starting to come around.

    What a small world if you'll be talking with JT tomorrow. Maybe she has marathon thoughts? For JT Salem is her hometown and she bagged $175 for doing a tempo run. It only drives me to run faster.

  4. I spoke w/ her before my run today. The deal was she's coaching several athletes in the area who were running it and she just used the rave to get in her workout. Her coach told her to run the first 3-miles easy and then the last 10 as a tempo run, so I imagine she could have run 3-4 minutes faster if she really wanted to - fast lady.

    She's 36-37yo as well, so if she were to take Masters running seriously, she could probably set some terrific Masters times in a few years.

    And I'm sure I speak for several runners when I say it would certainly be nice to get paid 175 bucks to run your daily workout!