Thursday, December 31, 2009

Daily Running Question

"Running is a big question mark that's there each and every day. It asks you, 'Are you going to be a wimp, or are you going to be strong today?'"

-Peter Maher, two-time Olympic Marathoner from Canada
*quote courtesy or RW February 2009 Calendar

---today was strong giving my current level of conditioning:
Bowker Flats for 7 mi in a Time: 52:30 (7:30 / mi)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Best Runner

"If you want to become the best runner you can be, start now. Don't spend the rest of your life wondering if you can do it."
-Priscilla Welch, master great who won the 1987 NYC Marathon at age 42

*quote coourtesy of 2009 January RW Calendar

Easy 5M today on Haynes Loop in 40:53. frigid morninng temperatures

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Good Reason

to write this blog is to publicly keep on track for the Boston Marathon training cycle.

Today, a slight deviation from the program, calling for Intervals/7-10 with 2(4 x 800m) blah, blah: I opted for seven miles on a new route, with a few fartleks. The weather goddess brought cold temperatures and a headwind gusting to about 25 mph for a real feel of about 10 degrees F.

26:35 out, 25:00 back (including time on Wollaston Beach) for 6.7 miles

Monday, December 28, 2009

Boston Marathon Training Start

While some ran 21 miles yesterday my legs took me 12. That was enough to kick off this program in warm but wet rain and puddling roads down to the Old Grist Mill in Sudbury.

If you are reading our BAA program for the 2010 Boston Marathon consider me on the low mileage end, that means 0-3 for today.

I am hoping leg strength will return with a slow progression as to injury prevention putting me ahead of last years five weeks of training to a 2:50 Boston.

e.o.w total was 35 miles in five runs.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Thursday, December 03, 2009

9:36 to 6:56 Per Mile

One day slow the next faster for the same five mile course. Slower run in the morning with the faster at lunch.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Unknown Runner at Unknown Race

this photo from last year we had snow - this year a mild 40 degrees

This year's Turkey Trot time was two seconds shy of being two minutes faster! 18:43 (6:02/mile) for 5K.

The timing company says "don't say anything" when questioned of why the start line was moved making the course shorter. Also, it's not certified, hence, fun run. Nonetheless a race as my placement was 14th this year with 709 runners compared to last year's 13th with ~520.

Now the lesson learned. We picked up our numbers yesterday afternoon, #19 and #20 wherein the volunteer writes our first name on the tear strip to identify between us. Race morning they announce the computer crashed and all should pay attention at the finish line to get their time while they do their best with extra staffing to ensure placements are correct.

The awards are given out to our surprise we are not mentioned, what nerve. We march over to the fancy timing van to inquire. The lady, at first fresh, was accomodating but the man deserves a good scolding for attitude and gross timing negligence. A top ten woman and a runner pushing a stroller, top 15, goes unaccounted for in results tabulating because they didn't know from the tear strip who the runner's were.

Folks, it's simply a matter of matching the tear strip #19, #20 to the printed registration sheet to find the full runners information. After all we did pay an extra $5.60 for the mandatory online race registration on top of the $25 entry fee. The information is there someone just got lazy or sloppy.

A final consolation was the announced master women had not picked up their prize so at least my wife was awarded. They are nice prizes after all. For me, it was a cup of hot cocoa and a story.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Time To Move

After weeks of 34, 34 and 35.5 it's time to move the mileage up into the 40s. Today's sub-8:00/mile for ten gives confidence healing and recovery is right on track.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Only 164 days until Boston!

Today's travels took me to Newton Center, think mile 20 Boston Marathon racers; the series of hills after 16 miles of downhill.

The legs held up for an out and back on the carriage roads laying down 7+ miles in one hour.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Almost 25 Miles

For one week back on the roads feeling like starting from scratch.

mock physical readiness test performed on Sunday, so, so out of shape. . .

w/u 4.16, 4.16, 4.06 - 12:38
PRT-85 S/U, 30 P/U
3.15, 3.25, 3.19
c\d 4.04, 3.55, 3.56 - 11:56

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Unfinished Business

Haynes Loop in 41:27 for the classic 5-miler. So sweet to have finished what started 20 days ago!


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Day After

Diagnosis: basically the same, as the day after Doctor, diagnosis as an irritation of a tarsal navicular stress fractures from a previous break. The bone is also compressed and non- or low in vascular hencing its trouble. No real solution insight if you read here about how this also plagued NBA ball players Bill Walton and Yao Ming.

Prescription: up to two weeks of Aleve, mentioned glucosomine, demonstrated one strengthening exercise and asked for ME to re-consider ever cross country racing again. I'll need to manage this carefully in the days going forward.

Of late, I've ran on two occasions supporting my wife, aka superstar, in her Baystate Marathon and Mayor's Cup XC races. This netted a total mileage of, dare I say it, "six miles."

Today, the day after first taking Aleve and glucosamine I ran the flats (2.5 miles) in under 20 minutes.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Should Be Running

The muscles are saying it's been long enough for recovery, but, the right foot is telling me something is not quite right. Hang in there, maybe the podiatrist will enlighten the root cause and path going forward. Four days until the appointment.

The freebie preview shots above are from my last road race, the Applefest Half Marathon Relay.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Marathon Frustrations

Days, weeks, months of training for the marathon day that doesn't, due to an injury, is enough to leave one distraught and at a loss for "what could've been." A PR?

Possibly, the Nor'Easter storm blowing through New England in any one of three marathons, Baystate, Mt. Desert Island and Newport left many another with similar feelings.

Let's sail on, point our bows into the wind, weather the swells until this storm has passed as there are brighter days in our future. Congratulations to all of you that took on the challenge in such brutal weather conditions. You earned that medal and the stories.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Right Leg Limp

If the ankle extension felt better Sunday would be a go. As of right now it's concerning and being of sound mind the marathon is 50/50.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Three Days to Go

Podiatrist gave me the green light for Sunday, offering medication for any pain, etc. Jury is still out whether I am racing.

If I do I'll be well rested as this is six days straight of no running!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Walking Progress: Flexibility Returning

It wasn't until the evening yesterday for the MRI scan. Hopefully, there'll be enough time for analysis and a report for the podiatrist to provide Sunday's racing recommendation. I have the images to review which is nice, now if only I had the training and experience to interpret them.

Ha! Can you actually believe thoughts of running a marathon given the state of last Friday's condition? Absurd, I know but that's how driven, competitive marathoners think. Hence the axiom "the mind is stronger than the body."

But, let's be reasonable if running Sunday will cause permanent damage then it shan't be done.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Can Walk

The right foot can also bear full body weight. So, 72 hours of R.I.C.E. has paid off as mobility is a step in the right direction.
Now, that the insurance company is back to work I discovered the MRI diagnosis is covered; the cost of two pairs of running shoes is our contribution. Three days after tonight a radiologist report should be ready for the podiatrist to review the diagnosis.

Monday, October 12, 2009

I Can Hobble

Mornings seem to be the worse for any load bearing activity. As the day progressed yesterday I was able to move around with the walking boot sans crutches albeit not very gracefully.

With today's holiday, Columbus Day, any more medical services are on hold. aaarrrgghh!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I Can't Walk

With the marathon only a week away the question is will I be racing? Maybe, ask if I'll be running or walking for that matter might be better! Yesterday's meeting with a podiatrist at New England Baptist Hospital shed new light on the issue.

With a stroke of good fortune we got x-rays and an evaluation. It's not a pretty picture to see or hear.

Comments of "this break here", "when did you break this area last", "any surgeries", "I don't see how you could run like this", "you're a wildman", "does this hurt". "Who is your podiatrist", "I am calling him now", "I'll need an MRI", "you've got major arthritis from a previous fracture."

Is an MRI ($2000) covered under our insurance? BCBS administrative wasn't available on a Saturday to answer the question and it's website wasn't clear. I was going to press in getting it done, but we were late for our son's friend's birthday party.

The Doctor set me up with a walking boot; realizing that I still couldn't walk he provided crutches. For now it's continuing R.I.C.E. and hoping to get the MRI and appointment with my podiatrist soon.

Good luck to all you folks racing this weekend!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Not Good

Two miles into an easy five mile Haynes loop my pace is slowing from the earlier 7:30 to over 8:00\mile. I pull over for some light stretching and realize the right foot pain is unbearable to continue running.

Hobbling back home using a stick to support my weight a Town resident gives me a lift; what a godsend. She saw me struggling and then digging through the brush for a stick realizing I was in trouble.

I've made it through the night but cannot walk, only crawl or use the laundry basket as a walker. I am thinking it's a stress fracture of the navicular, which could take 6-8 weeks in recovery. The trouble is it's a Holiday weekend making it difficult to reach medical services.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Take A Day Off

No problem taking time off after feeling very beat up from Sunday's XC run. Little one's fever spell keeping us awake half the night didn't help matters.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Topsfield XC - Taper Begins

Racing on the B.A.A. team for 8K at the Topsfield XC highlighted this week.

Monday: 18M Long Run 6:37-6:40/mile for 15, overall average 6:55/mile
Tuesday: 6M Track - 9 x 800s @6:16/mile
Wednesday: 6M Trails
Thursday: 8.7M Track - 3K-2K-1K @6:19/mile
Friday: 10.5M Trails
Saturday: Rest, rained all day
Sunday: 10M Coss Country Race
Total: 62.7 miles

Race Report:
1M-6:00 relaxed and smiling, 2M-6:27 not much hill strength, it's a real big hill that you loop twice without much flat running. I tried for sub-30 minutes + staying with my competition; too rocky for spikes with intense focus on foot placement and ankle twisting, despite yesterday's all-day rain mud sections were tolerable.

On the lead to the final stretch, time 29:10; best effort now is to catch the harrier in front, with a good downhill open stride I am side-by-side with the crimson singlet. Hauling through the gulley curve and up to the final stretch frantically, while avoiding the last of the pear size stones, I find myself a half-stride back.

The flat, open finish is rapidly arriving; my family and B.A.A teammates voices are reaching my ears at an ever more deafening level. There, I find another gear matching stride for stride, monitoring my effort as to not repeat the joust of 2007.

The trail starts to blaze as I kick in the high gear gambling this old train will hold together. It works, the red rails have snapped, observers note he stands up, gasps and gives in. I can hear it in some voices while maintaining my fervent pace until across the line.

Results show I distanced this runner by seven seconds. Upon congratulating him in an outstanding kick I receive likewise and then a fresh comment of "I guess you needed someone to challenge you." Our team places second.
most photos courtesy of Kristen(s) thorough the blog:

Thursday, October 01, 2009

3K-2K-1K, XC Video Codfish Bowl 2009

misc. loops on track, rest 400m + time
relaxed and easy w\o
average pace for total came out to 6:19/mile

embedding this inspirational video of the Franklin Park exscitement of Boston, wish we could've been there!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

800s at MP (in my dreams)

w\u-15:50 + 4:24 = 20:14
c/d-16:24 + 4:30 = 20:54

nothing to stressing – will take it easy now.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Depletion Run

1-7:57, 2-7:30 (15:28)
3-7-33:24 (6:40/mile)(48:52)
8-12 - 33:39 (6:43/mile)(1:22:32)
13-17 - 33:05 (6:37)/mile)(1:55:37)
18 - 8:54 (2:04:31).
original plan was four loops (20 miles), better to stop based on feedback

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Team Baby Froggy

Our "Team Baby Froggy" placed first on a very hilly Applefest Half Marathon Masters, 3rd as co-ed and 6th of 121 relay teams.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

1 x 3 Mile: Take it Easy

With two 20 oz. bottles of fluid, a Shuffle for tunes, and an extended lunch one might think a mammoth track session. Crimminy, let's try 4 x 3-miles at 6:00/mile I kept thinking in the 29 minute run over to the track.

the numbers:
1-5:59, 2-6:03(12:02), 3-6:02(18:04)
rest of five minutes jog\walk\bathroom
1-7:39--flat tire, wheels fell off, the energy is zapped!!!

cool down run in 30:30.

post analysis: (A) 78 degrees with 65% humidity, sun and wind. (B) 4 x 15 minute trail tempo on Monday (C) 22-miler from Saturday (D) upper lungs still congested restricting breathing. (E) all of the above

My wife says your body is telling you to take it easy. So, it will be for the next couple of days.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Good Long Run

Remarkably this was the first good sustained effort of over 20 miles in the Baystate Marathon buildup this Fall. Where has the time gone? It seems my training is usually better focused for the Boston Marathon in the Spring.

B.A.A. newcomer, Brian, 20-time Boston Marathoner, joined me as we ran four of the Haynes Loop five mile course:

w\u: 16:42 ~2 miles (+)
1 - 35:49 (52:32)
2 - 35:53 (1:28:25)
3 - 34:45 (2:03:10)
4 - 34:11 (2:37:21)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Baystate Marathon Sight

Baystate Marathon, originally uploaded by jrdv0404.

It's good we did the trial run (last week), as the start/finish has changed since we ran here last in '01.

Easy trail run ~7:30/mile for six miles

Tomorrow: 22 Miler! four times around on the Haynes Loop five mile course. I've been thinking a solid 7:00/mile pace but have been flirting of notion to run it as a progression.

Give a shout out to Wayne as he takes on the Berlin Marathon this weekend.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

3 x 2 Mile at L-S Track

Despite the upper chest infection and insect bite skin reaction I took to the track for some action.
Tuesday's leisurely 48 minutes on the six mile trail left the legs feeling revved to loop the oval.

3.75m to L-S track 29:02, from 30:03. Rest: jog of 400m ~3 mins.
1 - 5:59, 6:00 (12:00)
2 - 6:02, 5:58 (12:01)
3 - 5:59, 5:59 (11:59)
Total distance: 13.5 miles

I'll be looking to increase the level next week on this workout, maybe 4x2m or 3x3m.

Today: easy for one hour at about 7:30/mile pace.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Deep Chest Cough

Noticed on yesterday's Heartbreak Hill climb. It's more progressed today as I eat chicken noodle soup and salmon.

An insect left their stinger in my inner bicep three miles into the run:
Course: Water Row
Distance: 10 mi
Time: 1:17:13 (7:43 / mi)
Comments: 4th July course-28:37

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Drills in the Mist

Thanks to Rick's inspiration in continuing the drive to get speed/strength drills in every week. Pete Magill put together this cool video on Running Times to see what I am talking about. Well done. Yesterday's session at Cutting Field on the turf proved excellent; total four miles for the day.

Today found us on the Boston Marathon course with the Jimmy Fund walkers, we ran w\stroller for about 18 miles. Let's call the pace best as time on our feet. We thought there would be some reprieve from the drivers with all the walkers but no such luck.

89.25 miles (8 sessions) --this will probably be the peak
25K race at MP--good confidence builder
Rest of week pace were easy to allow for recovery, the legs feel good.

Monday, September 07, 2009

16 Crazy Hills

A gorgeous day on Cape Ann. Luckily I hooked in with another runner, Jeff, to pace through the 76th Around Cape Ann 25K race averaging 6:24-6:25/mile.

Interesting note is Gloucester, host and one of the Cape Ann towns, recently lifted their water-ban requiring residents to boil before using their water. Chlorination was quite evident in several water stops, where one water station was being re-supplied from a five gallon pail I passed. We did find one station with lemon-lime gatorade and one with watery blue gatorade. Other than that it was just water for this run, no gels, gu's or bars.

With sixteen hills we had our work cut out for us to flatten. Memorable hills are at mile 9 coming out of Rockport, home of bearskin neck and motif #1, and mile 15 a twisty steep knuckle dragger leaving you panting at the top.

A good race as I went in with a plan and met the plan; collateral damage to this point is minimal, although an intense track w\o is off the books for tomorrow. The Mcmillan Calculator puts my marathon finish at 2:53, but Mcmillan's rule of thumb shows marathon PR condition.

official 1:39:17, 6:24/mile, 3rd Master (actual-4th as one Master in top 3)
2-6:28, 12:43
3-6:25, 19:09
4-6:21, 25:30
5-6:30, 32:01
6-6:31, 38:32
7-6:21, 44:54
8-6:25, 61:20
9-6:43, 58:04
10-6:33, 64:37
11-6:02, 70:39 short mile?
12-7:10, 77:49
13-missed, busy area of Gloucester fishing port
14-12:03, 1:29:53
15-6:11, 1:36:05
15.56-3:12, 1:39:17
*** also qualifies as my first Masters PR for '09! note: we only have one 25K in New England with the exception of New York.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Trails in 43

25K Pace Question

Here is a video RW put together, not that I run fast like these guys, but I did grow up in Wisconsin.

I've been pondering what pace to run the hilly, 16 of them, 25K race on Labor Day. My thoughts are aiming towards a 6:25-6:30 pace per mile. The 6:25 would give me a marathon PR by a slight amount. This is a mindshift from chunking 5-7 minutes off to get back to ten years ago. A slower progression, come from behind maybe what's needed to post a PR for '09.

Training Run - 5.00 mi @ 40:00 (8:00 pace)
Training Run - 4.50 mi @ 29:24 (6:32 pace)

Training Run - Haskell Field - 5.00 mi @ 41:41 (8:20 pace)

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Another Devens 5K

Race with stroller in unofficial 19:05, splits: 1.1-6:54, 2-6:00, 6:10
AM: Pratts Mill: out-29:24 back-29:35 for 58:59. total 8 miles

yesterday: track 4 x 1600m w\400m jog, w\Kyle. wu-16:145, 6:17,6:25,6:24,6:13,400m jog cd-13:19,plyos at Cutting, cd-9:13. felt good, conversational.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Upcoming 25K

We changed up the marathon prep schedule by adding the below toe bruiser for Labor Day, one week from now.
Training: easy 4.4 miles in high 8's/mile. Sore right ankle and strain behind right knee. Hopefully mile repeats on the track tomorrow.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

3 x 5K Pogression to Marathon Pace

Taking a workout from our fellow Boston Marathon runner, Michael, we set out to do his 5 x 5K working down to marathon pace. B- already had in mind we would only do three!

I found the Pratts Mill/Austin Loop course in town on USATF that allowed for a w\u and c\d total of 10K, with the full workout we could get 35K, which would be nice.

We settled for three loops . . . 22:22/21:14/20:16 all the while pushing the stroller.

The week wrapped up with 76.5 miles and cooler temperatures.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Drills and Strength Training

A key component for this upcoming marathon build is going to be drills and strength training. After getting over the rut, it's going to be key in preventing injuries and getting faster.

Read this article for ideas if you are stuck. I believe returning to higher carbohydrate intake turned my energy level around dramatically. It's nice to be back!!!

Check out these five training videos here that I recently discovered and let me know what you think.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Improve 5K Race Time by 15 Seconds

It's been three weeks since this last effort. All went well in a solid race feeling within myself and confident in not overreaching. The goal was 5:50/mile with the end result of 5:52/mile.

Maybe the mile splits are off, 6:03, 5:39, 6:00, :32 for 3.1 miles. Both 6's head up a hill; it could be in my head :-)

Our local CMS racer, Dan took first honors cruising ahead of me in a tick over 18, while I solidified the 1st Master post.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Still Hot & Humid

We skipped last week's 5K race as J- skinned his knees on the playground. It looks like we'll be back tomorrow, the weather hasn't changed. Hurricane Bill came by off the coast never bringing the cool dry air.

We continue to swelter. Imagine running with 100% humidity so the perspiration never leaves your skin, internal temperature heating and pace slowing. It's been like that for a week.

Thanks to Kyle I made it back to the track since June.

w\u-16:49, c\d-14:09
400-82, 800-2:51, 2:50, 2:53, 400-85, 85, 84
very humid, rt shin felt at end. Time to ditch the 500+mile New Balance 768s

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"run first, ask questions later"

Maybe I'll put my notes together showing a well laid out fall marathon plan. The trouble is it hasn't been followed since week one. Here we are 60 days out, the legs are finally coming around, and I read this article thinking that's where last week's 70+ miles came from.

easy 5 M this morning in 41:24. Tonight's weekly 5K race should be a steamer as another hot & humid day is in the forecast.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Black Rat Snake?

Running and weaving amongst the trees on the trail in the reservation. WooOaa! I suddenly became startled by a black snake near the edge. The oppressive 94 degree heat and humidity was enough for the past hour to be taken by surprise of some three foot long constrictor.

I beat feet out of there in a total time of 82 minutes for 10.5 miles. Another surprise was last week's 70+ miles of running.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Make It Slow For Me

Another short, right shin bother-some 3.5 mile run at a 9:35/mile pace.

On the brighter side yesterday did include a second run, two bike rides and a Walden Pond swim.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

How Did The Guy With The Stroller Do?

If you run a race pushing a stroller be prepared for uninvited questions and comments. Last nights weekly 5K was no exception as J- (future Boston Marathon qualifier) and I unofficially ducked under 19:00 minutes at 18:58.

This is 28 seconds slower than last week's and 22 seconds faster than last years sans stroller races.

We finished 9th overall and third masters. It was hot, muggy and buggy.

Right shin is getting daily ice treatments until the "woodenness" is gone.

side note: A good Read on B2B and Falmouth which may be in the cards for next year. Actually, they are two "must do" races in New England.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Molassses Slow

When it's a 46:27 training run for five miles and you regularly run this in 35-38 and as fast as sub 30 you know something is different. Can it be nutrition. Since Spring I've loosely followed the Fast Track nutrition tips changing my diet and am having mixed results.

Time to bring the once a week pasta, almost daily Finagle-A-Bagel and oatmeal back into the nutrition program in a carbohydrate effort to return the energy level.

(oops. . . should also mention yesterday's five mile run and four hour bike ride having something to do with this morning's slowness)

Thursday, August 06, 2009

A Stroller is Beating You

Break the summer slump by running a race. Around here there are plenty of weekly races to take part within a short drive. I ran this one last year much slower. This year running without a watch, reverse course route which changes every week, moving along with whomever wanted to lead.

About eight cross country kids bridged the first three-fourths of a mile before a masters runner with baby stroller breaks through going up the first hill. I finally get around the kids around mile one giving chase to stroller runner and some under-19 y.o.

My wife yells "a stroller is beating you! "

I catch the two we make the turn and head for the largest hill of the course. Realizing stroller runner is slowing, Pressing the pace, concerned x-c kids may catch up, just enough to drop the stroller runner.

The under-19 matches hanging off my shoulder. The hill arrives while I touch on a little more speed to see how the kid will respond. At hill crest he finally lays back gasping while I cruise through the cutover looking forward to the downhill half mile.

The last 400 meters comes after a right turn, I look back, decide to push a little as the U-19 is making a surge. Finish in 18:30, 12 seconds ahead of the number two for the CMS Weekly 5k.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Light of the Sun

Running for ten miles lesser the five additional (15 total) planned nets a 7:40/mile pace. 2.5 mile Bowker Flats Loop = 1-19:44, 2-18:32(38:16), 3-18:32(56:48), 4-19:56(1:16:45). Pulled out as last mile was very slow.

The week finishes off with 46 miles in seven miles.

Now, its time to go to the beach at Walden Pond.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fortitudine Vincimus

"By endurance we conquer" listed on the Somerville Road Runners website exemplifies the stamina required to run their 24 hour road race.

A full story is to follow, 3rd overall, 1st female with 107 miles and time to spare!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

True Potential: 24 Hour Race

You haven't been the same runner since the 24-hour race. So she says as we embark on setting up at the Lord Wakefield hotel this afternoon in her attempt to beat me. What gives is I'll never do this race again; 2nd place in 114 miles. The year before I set the marathon record and ran my first and only other ultra of 50 miles.

True to our vows "I promise to support your dreams and be there for you always." Let this be your year!

Training: Thursday-61 minutes at about 7:45 pace/mile then a 15 minute relaxing swim.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Think The Eggs Are Hatching

Our future ornitholigist eyes this Cardinal's nest outside the window with every passing chance. Life begins anew for bird and marathoner.

Tuesday: easy 6.5 miles
Wednesday: am-easy 3.5 miles, Noon-easy 7.5 miles
pace is approximately 8:00/mile

Monday, July 20, 2009

5 Miles in 28:20

Sweetly rolling along soaking the Summer sun,
Time to turn this marathon training upside down

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Back to Running

Totals for last week:
Run: 19.5 mi
Bike: 39.0 mi
Sw: 1,600.0 m
Alternate activity hours: 6.03
Hours: 6.02

Friday calisthenics had 30 minutes of rope skipping, easy 5m run on Saturday am at a dogged pace, 14.5m family run this morning with a 5.5 mile walk home.

This week: run by feel with Monday as rest\cross training, re-visit marathon schedule, 24-hour ultra marathon prep for this Friday night (wife's race).

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Walden Pond Crossing

First ever! Ironman competitor Kyle led me on this inaugural crossing. An eight mile bike over provided some muscle warming up as the water is on the cool side. You swim a rather leisurely pace as the distance is the challenge. From my training as a Navy rescue swimmer I knew this could be done, others do it all the time, don’t panic and enjoy the day. I’ll confess my use of a wetsuit, zoomers and hand paddles all aided; mostly my confidence. Total distance out and back is about one mile.

Then another eight mile bike ride home and later eight miles on the inline skates.

To top it all off a healthy home-made pizza!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rest Day: Seven Wheelbarrows

This Summer funk got me as the planned calisthenics went by the side making room for hauling seven wheelbarrow loads of dirt.
Another bread, this time zucchini.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cross Training Activities

For the week of non-running activities thus far: inline skating, hiking, biking and walking.

Other choices:

aerobics, baseball/softball, badminton, basketball, calisthenics, cross-country skiing, elliptical trainer, fencing, football, frisbee, golfing, gymnastics, hockey, ice skating, isometrics, lacrosse, martial arts, massage, nordic track, pilates, pool running, racquetball, rock climbing, rowing, snowshoeing, ski machine, soccer, spinning, stair climbing, stretching, surfing, table tennis, tennis, volleyball, walking, water skiing, weight lifting, wrestling, yoga

I biked 23 miles yesterday and walked six miles today. What will it be tomorrow? Swimming in Walden Pond on Thursday for those of you interested.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Power Hiking

Good for 90 minutes in the Great Brook Farm State Park. GBFSP also serves as the race location for the first of the USATF-NE XC Grand Prix races starting in August so it was good to be on the course.

With a delightful Summer day mountain bikers, horse back riders, hikers, runners and day-trippers were experiencing excellent trails and good ice cream.

Almost forgot we did some more baking by evidence of this delicious banana walnut bread.

If you want a good walk head to Boston along the wharf to view the tallships moored alongside.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Blades on the Flats for Ten

Fast Track book lists the following overtraining symptons:
  • Slower running times - well, yeah I've got that
  • Insomnia - only once
  • Fatigue - yep
  • Achy joints - yes
  • Lack of motivation - it's like it hits every July
  • Frequent cold or flu - none
  • lack of energy - shows by not doing push-ups and sit-ups
  • Poor recovery after workouts - yesterday's ten miler
  • Poor concentration - at times
  • Headaches - mild if at any
  • General lethargy - plenty of
  • Chronic injuries that won't heal - overstretched glute slow to recover

First solution listed is to take a week off from running. I'll do it as the Baystate Marathon is now 99 days out and this cycle needs to break to get some quality training. In years past the pace and mileage would drop only to pick up around September.

Training: inline skating on the Bowker Flats for ten miles in ~60 minutes

Friday, July 10, 2009

Go Long?

Andrew comments that a longer run may break the funk. Advice taken.

ran long - 10 miles in 1:26:10 - had two walking breaks after one hour, first one I picked it up as the mosquitos were swarming, second pickup was on a downhill. Glad that was over, rest of the day to recover finally felt better after a 30 minute walk with my bride.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Musty and Decay

Slowly running over Mother Nature's after party for 3.4 miles in 31:13.

Would you like some Outrageous Oatmeal Cookies? You can bake these, our future premier baker and I created them using a Starbucks recipe.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

mentally pessimistic

Three miles on the mill in 25:07. Awful thunder and lightning outdoors along with torrential downpouring

Yesterday: easy six miles on the trails in the Reservation for 44:30

Sunday, July 05, 2009

22 Miles

Turning up 54 miles for the week with one race for base training. Including a six mile walk to this morning's 16-mile stroller run gets you twent-two!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy 4th of July

A sunshining moisture holding morning brings this runner across the finish line in 21:43. Splits: 5:25, 5:41, 5:57 and 4:39, (3.82 miles?), average 5:40/mile. Finish in fourth place as first Master. You saw the goal and now beg me to concede to any sustaining speed in the shorter races. Another look is it's the same pace as Rhody but on a longer and more challenging course.

What's next? Continue base training, explore possibility of a first ever one-mile race on the outdoor track in two weeks.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Summer Rain

Each flop-flop is met with a pitter-patter
Every week we get rain
Have you had enough for it to matter?

I wish it would make the chipmunks hibernate so they would stop stealing the tomatoes from our garden. Fencing and hopefully the neighborhood red-tailed hawk will suppress their vigor.

Wednesday: pm-6M in the Reservation in 44:00
Thursday: am-3.4M at 8:35/mile, pm-38:06 7:13/mile (18:03/18:05 Bowker Flats Loop) for 5M

Monday, June 29, 2009

4th July Race Goal

How about a conservative approach by taking one step up on the Jack Daniels VDOT from a 58 to a 59? This requires a 17:17 5k at a 5:33/mile pace. For the 3.75 - miler on the Fourth a finish time of 20:51 is needed.

While Sundays slow long run was eminent it shall not be the imminent pace on the Fourth of July!

training: 2x 3.75 miles (July 4th course)
First Loop-1-6:37, 2-6:49, 3-6:38, 0.75-4:54 (25:05, 6:41\mi.)
~5 min. water and to tie shoes-ran both 0.75m with 30 sec strides
Second Loop-1-6:31, 2-6:32, 3-6:17, 0.75-4:49 (24:10, 6:26\mi)

Good Start

Rest from yesterday boded well as todays run went down in a sweet 6:59/mile pace for five miles. A little faster than the 7:19/mile target; I slowed it down in the last half-mile just to get the overall higher. You might say the legs are back!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

9:59 Pace

For 5 miles, it felt real slow. . . brings the weekly total to 49.2 miles. If adding walking time and miles the week would be much larger leading to the lethargic feeling of late. Next week will be easy, maybe strides on two days and then our Townie Race (3.75 miles) on the 4th.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

This Time

With a 201 and 305 Garmin I was certain to get a read on this morning's 12.5 miler. The distance is 25% of the week's mileage and serving as a long run. Fate would have it the 201 locks onto satellites but the buttons don't change the display, the 305 fails to lock on.

Estimate is ~ two hours of a slugfest, worn and tired run. I could add all the songs played on the iPod from "This Time" to "Let's Make it Right" but my wife says that's a waste of time. She did say return the Garmins if they are not working right.

"Good point Honey, they were gifts where did you get them?"
"LL Bean."
That's cool as they have a QuickExchange program for returns on failed products. A new Garmin 405 is on its way while the other two go back.

Mike commented on my last post regarding a "foot injury." That's right there was a bit of soreness that faded after a few easy days. Its amazing how the higher miles stresses my body. I'll be keeping JD's no more than 10 miles increase in three weeks in mind.

Thomas called out that two w\o prior to my 5K championship race may be too much. He was right as my race suffered. Also, poor foresight as there were no post racing on the schedule to build to; that was the premier 5K event for the plan.

Check out Michael's blog if you want to get some 5K activity as he has one coming up prior to a marathon build. He is aslo following JD's program so we will be keeping tabs on each other.

These legendary blog posters, Mike andAndrew and Wayne, are on the boards as they kick off their Fall marathon plans.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Angle

I am halfway through Daniels' book and will be applying the principles learned immediately.

For starters: First three weeks 'foundation' are all easy runs. The pace will go off the Rhody 5K, which is a factor of 58 putting the pace at ~7:19/mile. This will be a recovery/build phase leading to a four week 'early quality' then six weeks of 'transition quality' finishing with four weeks of 'final quality.'

Monday, June 22, 2009

Off Track - Switching Gears

A setback in this Spring's goal turns the focus to Fall Marathoning. After a few easy running days, 9:00 min/mile, the left hip is left to feeling less than normal. Self-diagnosis leading to higher mileage and intensity of the tight track turns burning 200s. Will the 16:40 5K resolve? Maybe, but its second, always has been, to the marathon goal.

This is the time to shift gears as we are 17 weeks out from the USATF New England Marathon Championships. Its the Baystate Marathon where I ran my first marathon, a Boston Qualifier, flat and fast.

Through the down time I've picked up our ten year old copy of Jack Daniels Running Formula to train smarter. A few insights will be coming out as the weeks follow. For now lets just say the maximum weekly mileage will be right around 7o and not to exceed 80.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Volume and Intensity

There comes a breaking point when I realize its time to back off on the number of miles or the faster pace. Yesterdays 9:00 min/mile 5-miler in the morning told me to skip the second run and break out the ice.

I've been having strain indications on the top of my right foot, overstretched back side of right knee and thought maybe something on the right inner shin. The unusual nerve out of place since the Boston Marathon in the bottom of my left foot is still there, more noticeably when barefoot upon walking after waking. The last sore item to note is both hind quarters need recovery from the combined hills and track work.

The mileage gets reduced until the body catches up, ice gets broken out, intervals will slow to projected race pace and work on shortening the rest period vice going faster. Work on pacing and endurance. Thoughts are to run the intervals at 5:20/mile and monitoring the rest intervals gradually bringing it down to build endurance.

This plan my friends should result in meeting this goal.

9 x 200 meters with 200 meter jog rest w\Kyle
w\u 17:05
Goal is 40 seconds for each 200 meters
total 1800 meters 5:15/mile (18:51.97) 776 seconds of jog rest
c\d 18:00
edit: in reflection hind quarters and back of right knee were also "self stretched" recently

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

10 x 400 Meters

16 June Workout: 10 x 400 Meters with 60 - 90 second recovery (goal 80 second laps)

Ran one short. Somehow? The school had kids doing lap races and then broke out to sports in the area. Trouble was parents\teachers standing in lane one.

400 meter / 200 meter Jog (60-90 sec rest)
Total 3600 meters (5:05/mile average) 767 seconds of jog rest

MO: am-6m hills, pm-6m trails

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Running 75 Miles This Week

Monday AM - 5.00 mi @ 40:23 (8:04 pace)
PM - 3.00 mi @ 26:34 (8:51 pace) (stroller)

Tuesday AM - 5.00 mi @ 40:18 (8:03 pace)
PM - 600 M Repeats - 2.80 mi @ 14:55.00 (5:19 pace)

Wednesday AM - 5.00 mi @ 38:12 (7:38 pace)
PM - 6.00 mi @ 44:36 (7:26 pace)

Thursday AM - 5.00 mi @ 37:00 (7:24 pace)
PM - Tempo Run - Treadmill - 2.40 mi @ 15:00.00 (6:15 pace)

Friday AM - 5.00 mi @ 35:50 (7:10 pace)
PM - 10.00 mi @ 1:33:02 (9:18 pace)

Saturday AM - 6.00 mi @ 44:58 (7:29 pace)

Sunday AM - 3000 Meter - 1.86 mi @ 10:21.00 (5:33 pace)
AM - ARNWR - 6.00 mi @ 46:38 (7:46 pace)

TOTALS Running: 75.8 mi

The legs didn't start coming around until Thursday morning despite Tuesdays track workout. You sir are not ready to race as the muscle adaptation progresses and takes time. It doesn't quite feel like a competition phase; my mind is not in it as there are no real identified races.

Maybe, call it floundering with recovery until a concrete plan takes place. Looking to the Fall a flat and fast marathon is on the books!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Pacing Get it Right

The first five weeks (conditioning) of the 5K program are complete. The next stage is competition, this involves sharpening and a reduction in mileage. I'm not to keen on bringing my mileage down as its only averaging 54 miles a week. The lessons learned from the USATF race was pacing and endurance. Todays workout showed both are in awry.
Scheduled 8 x 600 meters with a two minute rest.
I figured to run these between 1:53 to 1:57
w\u - 15:31
#rep-time-rest time
1-1:00-1:29 oops only ran 300 meters!
8-1:59-1:27 (14:55 total time, 5:19 average)
c\d - 17:08

a little on the slower side, but that's okay!

Sunday, June 07, 2009


The sound of my overinflated mountain bike tire exploding caught my wife and our future Boston Marathon qualifier by surprise as we were gearing up for a post Rhody 5k bike ride.

Rhody 5K splits were 5:30/5:40/5:49 finishing in 17:35 for 88th overall place, 25th of 123 Masters. A very nice sunny, 70-80 degree morning with a slight breeze. Corkscrew type course very well run race organization and an excellent post-race feed.

A twenty second per mile pace difference is absolutely unacceptable! It didn't feel like that bad out there but when I counted the eighteen or so runners I kept falling behind I knew my pace was dropping. I did try to get some water in at both stations as I was feeling a bit parched. Despite that there was enough in the tank to hold off a few Masters and catch a couple of runners on the dog track.

I should note my pre-race routine was more for a marathon as it was an easy run of the course and very few stretches. For some reason, maybe timing, I didn't do the regular routine. This race was interesting as the men race at 9:30, women at 10:00 and the kids race after the last female finisher.

Looking back in '07 I ran a 17:11 about this time of year. I feel there is some work needing to be done relative to pacing and endurance. A continuation of the 5K program will be coming to bring this trend through to the 4th of July.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

12-15 x 200 Meters

w\u-15:59 for 1.9 miles
On the track with 200 meter jog:-
11-36/84 half step start, swallowing breathing mix-up
15-34/82 took a little work
c/d-17:45for 1.85 miles

Steady effort, good recovery (~8-10 seconds longer than the 5/14 workout).

B.A.A. latest news is this free mini-meet in conjunction with USATF-NE. Bill Rodgers is looking to lead a six minute per mile pace on the track for National Running Day

Now a motivational quote for the upcoming 5k:

The good Lord gave you a body that can stand most anything. It's your mind you have to convince. - Vincent Lombardi

Monday, June 01, 2009

Cinder Block Gardening

Photo of our new cinder block garden growing tomato plants, jalapeno peppers, cucumbers and pumpkins (these two will need to climb out as they mature), also two flowering plants.

am: 5M in 37:19
pm: 7M in 48:49

Sunday, May 31, 2009

64.5 Miles of Running This Week

The running mileage bumped up to a level not seen since the month of March to 64.5. The "sweet spot" may be between 60 and 70 allowing time to work in some of the preventative injury exercises.

Two speed workouts this week, 800-1600-400-400m, and 9x300m. To cap it off pushed the future Boston Marathon qualifier in the stroller alongside my bride, she captured second in her age group, in a grueling hilly half marathon, should also mention one week out from her full marathon. Some people having trouble with recovery?

Anyhow, next week is 12-15x200m with Kyle, 3x6min. tempo and the Rhody 5K.

Friday, May 29, 2009

5k in 5 Weeks Plan Update

Somewhat on track, lacking in quantity are strength training, form drills, stretching, s/u, p/u, squats sessions. Isn't it the case for most?

am: 5 M in 40:35
lunch: 6 M in 48:31
the legs lacked any pop on both runs, attribute it to the rainy-misty cloud we've been in for the week--where's the sun? If you've got some send it over here!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

9 x 300 meter w\100 meter Jog

w\u-15:24 (2M)
9x 300m with a 100 meter jog
c\d-26:42 (3.35M)

Felt pleased with the effort, although it didn't seem like too much work.

Question: What are the proper track markings to follow for the 300 meters?

am- 5 miles in 35:40
pm- 6 miles in 40:36

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

No Look

w\u - 14:17
400 jog-2:25:61
400 jog-2:36:79
400 jog-2:17:62
400 jog-2:26:70
c\d - 15:54

What is the meaning of this workout?

Its on the schedule so I ran it. The pace fell in the McMillan range except the last 400, a tad too fast. I took a cue from Michael as in not looking at splits rounding the track. Thanks!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Get Your Rhythm

Taking inspiration from this workout video I moved the old legs as light and fast as they could go underneath me for 6 of the 6-8 x 800s
Easy 2M warmup in 16:13
all with a 400m jog between (~5-6 mins?)

McMillan Running Calculator off my 2:50 marathon has the Speed Workout of Middle Distance Runners at 2:33.8-2:40.8. I feel pleased as to the results but certainly room for improvement. Eight would've been too many and the jog rest was a must.

Forgot to do the cool down run going straight in for strength training
Later ran 2.75M with stroller in 24:03.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sir Speedy? Think Not!

Todays 5K race is 18:17 5:53/mile; being exhausted yesterday I was advised, and adhered, to taking the day off. The weathered played out nicely and the course quite ameniable, although the RD said its more like 3.18 miles (5:44/mile or a 17:49).

The 5K mark is set, not so fast right? First mile 5:22? Unfortunately as unable to rely on any mile splits resorting to running by feel. Next time it'll be better to take time to scout the course as it is so close to home.

Take away is to build speed, should come with time, keep emphasizing the intense focus; if its not painful your training and should be racing.

It was good to chat it up with Jack, the 1976 Boston Marathon Winner at the race.

***on an upbeat note this 5K was faster than any 5K I ran in 2008!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sprint Running: 12 x 200 Meters

Pretty sure reading this folks won't be contacting me to break the world record of 19.30 seconds in the 200 meter sprint. Later I read the middle and outer lanes are preferred. I ran the inner lane and always have being a novice on the track.

Which lane do you run your 200s?

Added 400 meter rest after the first to get a break on the wind and bring the total distance to 5000 meters.

200M/Jog (seconds)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Maybe The HR Monitor is Warranted

Date Miles Time Pace
 Wednesday, 5/13/2009   4   29:21.00   7:20.25 
 Wednesday, 5/13/2009   6   40:17.00   6:42.83 

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Blood Pumping In Many Muscles

Eating a chocolate chip cookie thoughts were to run a 5:20 to 5:30 pace for todays 3X 1600M. I felt hungry, more, so I ate a pork loin cut and some re-heated pasta.

Maybe, an hour or so wasn't enough time to fully digest the food as the pace never hit its mark.

First one too fast 5:34, felt beat for the second, 5:54, then eased on last at 5:54 with a hard final 400 by 5 seconds

Monday, May 11, 2009

Easy Day-10M

Yesterday paced a friend in local tri at 8;:30/mile for two miles, a sprint tri.

Easy Run
Distance: 4 mi
Time: 30:51 (7:42 / mi)
Comments: rt heel rubs

Type: Easy Run
Distance: 6 mi
Time: 44:39 (7:26 / mi)

Saturday, May 09, 2009

8 Days Until Race

It'll be a 5K next weekend to test out the race legs. Will it be Sir Speedy? Hmmm, we'll see as I've been wanting to do nothing but nap after supporing my wife to her first place masters finish over hill and dale. I later ran home for 14 miles and mowed the lawn.

14M in 1:44:28, all was good until the hill at mile 11 where the pace fell back for two miles finishing mile though was back to low 7:00s.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Cheese Famine and Swine Flu Pandemic

We've got a swine flu pandemic worlwide and a cheese famine video for motivation. You better get some speedy legs to run fast and faster!

Ran a 2x 3-2-1 minute tempo with 1/5 minute rest, a few mix-ups on my part, Garmin went to autopause at one point, drizzly rain again, 50 degrees, -actually not a bad workout for my first time running **bonus is only 15 minutes, ~2 miles w\u and 2 miles c\d!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

5K Plan: Get on Track

In review of yesterday's botched w\o I discovered the w\u and c\d were to be only 15 minutes each, roughly a total of four miles vice my seven.

Today the legs came around and the rain let up, but it was an easy day so no chance to do a workout. The adaptation period I figure will take a couple of weeks for my body to adjust to the training regimen.

Mike asks me about the 3 min. rest interval on my 5K program, at first I thought it was just a carry over from my marathon program then I realized this is actually right out of "Fast Track" a book co-authored by Suzy Favor Hamilton. I am jumping in at the conditioning phase: Week 5.

did a double today, second one faster as felt groggy from last nights Fourth of July Road Race meeting - looking forward to tomorrow's 3-, 2-, 1- minute tempos

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

5X 1000m: 5K Program

Going into todays 5x 1000 meters it dawned on me "what pace should I run?" The McMillan Calculator came to mind, plugging in my recent Boston Marathon coming up with 1000m in 3:20.8 to 3:30.1.

Looking further my marathon time showed I should've been able to run the PRT in a 5:23\mile pace. Ahh, you say, that's with proper training for the distance, right.

1-3:41, 2-4:20, 3-3:40, 4-3:41, 5-3:39.

Went to 1200 meter on #2 as wasn't thinking looking for leg turnover had to wear gloves & jacket to bear the strong wind and light rain. Average 5:53/mile.

If you have a minute take a hard look at this short term 5K program I put together:

From Run_Faster_Master

Monday, May 04, 2009

Navy PRT

I'll be working on posting plans for a 5K program this week. For now let's look at yesterday's Navy PRT results.

For those readers not familiar with the PRT it is the semi-annual Physical Readiness Test. Each branch of service conducts a test and each one's branch has slightly different standards. The Navy PRT consists of a sit-reach, sit-ups, push-ups and a 1.5 mile run. Points and categories are awarded based on age and gender.

The test:
  1. Demonstrate flexibility by sitting on the floor legs extended and reach to your toes. Fingers touching or reaching beyond is acceptable. This is either pass or fail. You are now 25% done!
  2. I was able to do 90 sit-ups, 10 short of my typical, in the alloted two minutes. Rates an Outstanding High
  3. A tough category for me is the push-ups. Two minutes being way more time than my strength, managed 48 ridiculously looking for a Medium Good.
  4. The 1.5 mile run was on an out and back course. First time for me on this course, it is a sidewalk along Walloston Beach. The surface is mostly concrete with a few sections of asphalt. My pace had to be adjusted to slip between a group of seven walkers on the way out and the return I popped down and up a high curb to avoid a pedestrian and on-coming participant. Ran this in 8:11 and was given 8:08 based on their last runner crossing the start. Good for a 5:27/mile pace.

Somewhat pleased with the results as it establishes a baseline to build on. I can see the six week program propping all these numbers up soon. The sit-ups should be a definite 100, the push-ups with good form would be nice around 75, and the run should be under 8:00 minutes. For sure!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Initial test: 28 push-ups, 48 sit-ups, 50 squats then 9 m yest. Rest today!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Email to Blog Post

If this works I’ll be joining Andrew with having to surpass the ability to blog via email and mobile. Next up is the Pushup Challenge that Mike took on awhile back. For these six weeks I am thinking of adding the Situps and Squats.

Ran nearly ten miles on trails

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Marathon Recap

I've got two real good reads for you.

An elite first time Boston Marathoner tells His story from the front, like way up there. Check out the part of the Kenyans horsing around.

The next is from a fellow blogger that I follow who just broke another marathon PR! Wayne ran the Hamburg Marathon in a time that I hoped to have been running by now.

Its interesting to read and learn from these accounts as there may be something for the rest of us to apply in our own marathoning, consider this as part of your acquired learning experience.

easy 80 minutes yesterday in unusually dry oppressive 95 degree heat out in the Reservation
today a "quick" 5 miles in ~34 minutes on Haynes Loop as cooler temps prevailed

Monday, April 27, 2009

5K Destiny: 16:40 in 2009

An old Sioux Indian proverb says: "If you don't know where you are going, any path will take you there."

The first step down the road to a greater level of running success is selecting a destination.

1. Establish a Definite Chief Aim -Napolean Hill - "in what do you truly believe?"
2. Practice the Law of Increasing Return - spend the time and effort in stretching and strengthening; look for the feedback, one step at a time

"have the vision to see your future . . . and the will to grasp it."

By the gift of the Creator I hereby recognize in my mind a goal above my previous Masters achievement in the 5K (17:00) to 16:40 in the year 2009.

Sound Health - use nutrition tips from Fast Track

Fear and Worry - Open PR well below this mark, feel the confidence
Indecision and Doubt - Age not an obstacle
Peace of Mind - Work strength training and plyometrics to put the mind at ease
Positive Mental Attitude - Always for every second of the 16:40 race

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Back to Running

easy, very easy 3-miler yesterday in about 9 min/mile
another run today, this time 5 miles at maybe 8 min/mile pace
leaning toward 5K training in the future
ate pizza tonight, with sausage, feel guilty as it was not a healthy choice

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

2009 Boston Marathon Photos

To follow up on my First Corral post bib number 1549 runs a 2:47! Bill Rodgers a 4:06, BR lined up in the second wave.

  1. Photography by George Ross
  2. Jim Rhoades
  3. WBZ-TV
  4. Associated Press on Yahoo!
  6. Erik Gallant
  8. Universal Sports Video
  9. Scott Mason

training: light stretching yesterday, leg muscles feel tight but not painful

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Keep Your Focus

Running with a concerted consistent mindset and physical effort the 113th Boston Marathon proved to be once again a tough challenge. This being my tenth trek of the race the "larger than life" experience has run its course. I've seen and heard many of the stories, know all the course tangents, hills, and how my body responds.

The goal: a 2:48 or at least break my masters PR of 2:49:13 from 2007. 2007 also last my marathon run. A sense of uncertainty loomed. But, not to overrule a hint of confidence, for having run the marathon many times faster it was certainly an achievable goal.

Not so fast, February I failed to run the marathon distance in Hyannis at an 8:00/mile pace, having to walk \run the last 10K. Later in March my half-marathon time was a 1:23:26 predicting the marathon to be 2:55:58, but, not necessarily on the Boston course. It was the beginning of March that Boston Marathon training resumed picking up from the first week of January.

I'll count my blessings as five weeks is not enough preparation for Boston! An extremely supportive family, a God given talent, a strong desire to achieve a goal and mental training are all a tribute to this year's journey.

So, how was the race?

Drive to Boston ($27 parking), take a bus to Hopkinton (couldn't wait to get off that bus), limber up and in the corral for the national anthem and F-15 flyover. Note, several key mental training factors here, one my wife also ran the race so being together right up to the start helped, second is being able to blend "Saving Private Ryan" symbols (national anthem, military flyover) and WWII GI struggles and sacrifices.

1. 6:32 -2:48 not achievable at this pace for a downhill mile, passed by 100s

2. 6:11 -a little too far in the other direction, chill out

3. 6:17 -starting to get to the sweet spot. 5K -19:40 -okay let's go for sub 20:00 minutes every 5K

4. 6:16 -still going downhill

5. 6:34 -first "real" hill

6. 6:23 -runners starting to thin and get their paces. 10K -39:36 on target

7. 6:23 -ugly but loveable section as its flat, tuck in behind to avoid the wind, poor group formation, took gel in prep for hill

8. 6:35 -another hill cruising. 15K -59:41 still under by 19 seconds.

9. noisy Natick


11. maybe a 22:11 as I must've bumped the watch taking off the gloves, sun warming.

12. reset the watch, lost time waddling. 20K -1:19:49 11 seconds under, gloves back on, looked for friends at 4, 9, 10, 12, did the cold\wind\economy keep them away?

13. 6:29 -reset the watch, screaming tunnel a bit much, they are over the top. 1:24:13 Half. Can I negative split? It would be my first but up for the challenge and feeling good.

14. 6:27 -that's the way!

15. 6:38 -reality sets in, this is work. 25K -lost 5 seconds

16. 13:03 -hill climbing over Route 128 takes alot of runners back

17. 6:41 -the "meat and potatoes" you gotta have strength for the Newton Hills. 30K -lost 24 seconds

18. 6:27 -watched teammate pass me and drink Coca-Cola, later catch but unable to hold

19. 6:44 -JK hill its more work

20. 7:00 -Heartbreak, dig deep work hard. 35K -lost 51 seconds, this hurt

21. 6:30 -easy on the hill down BC, glanced at gravestones

22. 6:36 -losing focus, feeling the tiredness. Cleveland Circle the Army troops are line marching with full packs, flashback to young faces sacrificing themselves in honor of our great country in WWII.

23. 6:22 -regained a new breath, focus and relaxation. 40K -lost 11 seconds

24. 6:31 -push it or you won't get there

25. ? one mile to go was 2:42:00? did it really take eight minutes on the last mile?

Finish 2:50:24 at a 6:30/mile average. Second Half 1:58 slower. 2:42:12 Age Graded Time.

Temperature ~45 with 10-20 mph head winds. Post-race massage along with immediate fluid hydration. I recall walking with the volunteer, after catching my breath, asking for water.

As I write this the legs and energy are better than any Boston I have ever ran. In the race its a matter of keep pushing to the redline point, never broaching, push your limit, reserve to the end to endure the course. The downhills were light not heavy and fast. But, this now good feeling leaves me wondering should I have taken a greater risk?

1 -Sudbury Resident

7 -Masters in Massachusetts

19 -BAA Runner
47 -Division
444 -Gender
472 –Overall

6 -BAA Masters Team

Amazingly Kyle posted another marathon PR. Congratulations!

Thanks to all for reading and your well wishes; maybe we'll see you here next year!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tomorrow: 113th Boston Marathon 2009

The forecasted temperatures look quite ameniable, the headwind on the other hand is a factor to consider as predictions range from 10-20 mph.

A fairly low key marathon weekend since picking up the bib numbers early on Friday; we ran six miles yesterday and a half dozen strides on the soccer field this afternoon.

The pasta dinner at the La Cantina on the marathon route was quite remarkable as we shared bread with these three fellow blog runners. From L to R is Michael, Thomas, Mike and myself.

Best of luck to you fellas in tomorrow's race!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bib Number 13

This year the B.A.A. issued me bib number 1552. Our four year old adds these up to 13. Last years number 1541 adds up to 11. Easy three miles this morning in 26:52.


Friday, April 17, 2009

easy six miler

An easy six miler with my marathoning bride this morning. Just think come Monday, three days from now, over half my marathon distance will have been covered. Think 1:24 at the Half.

Now, heading into to the Boston Marathon Bib Number Pick-up. Enjoy the day as its supposed to hit 70 degrees. :-)

5000 Meters at Marathon Pace

A 3.5 mile w\u and then my Wife's new 5K course, which I missed a turn, to cap off the Boston Marathon training workouts for 2009. The 5000 meters mile splits were 6:35, 6:21 and 6:21. I had no idea where the mile markers were and relied mostly on the Garmins pace readout.

A good value in this run is to have the mindset of a rehearsal, as in you will be running this pace on marathon day. No exceptions.

The "Saving Private Ryan" mental training continues.

Friday, April 10, 2009

The First Corral

The ATC (2:58 marathoner) for flight 1549 (Potomac River landing) gets in the first corral. Read about it here. Where will you line up? With the first corral or where a typical 2:58 pace would put you (corral 2/3)? Interesting, also, Bill Rogers gets bib number 79, reports he is a middle of the pack runner and will most likely be walking on the course at some point. Where will Billy line up?

Thursday a 2 x 20 minute tempo Tempo Run - total and average 42:46.00 (6:22 pace)

Friday 7.25m at an 8:05 pace

Saturday an excellent Morse Road hill run for six miles in 43 minutes

Sunday a slow and tired 11.25 at a 8:39 pace, it was cold and windy, what gives?

Monday: 7 mi, 50:35 (7:13 / mi), could've really cranked on the trails

Tuesday: 5 x 1000 at 10k pace, I think most of these were at sub-6:00 / mi. not shooting for the moon here.

One more workout left for the week is 5k at marathon pace.

Mental preparation is ongoing, especially given the lack of training as this feels like I am just coming out of the base build phase vice sharpening.

I am thinking Saving Private Ryan may be a good movie to see. Ryan Hall reports watching Passion of the Christ.

If you see me running down Boylston Street like I am trying to run off a soon to be blown up bridge you'll know why.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Boost Your Immune System

Chicken Noodle Soup can be spiced up by adding spinach, tuna, working wonders for one's immunity. I am feeling better after two days of this concoction.

Wednesday was an easy 7 miles in 57 minutes.

Today 2 x 20 minutes at Marathon Pace. 2007 Workout

w\u (1.07m) + Mossman Loop 1 (3.35m) = 29:12 a 6:36\m avg. for 4.42 miles
Rest (jog) = .66m for 5:58
Mossman Loop 2 = 22:17 a 6:39\m avg.
*Mossman loop now has a sidewalk which may make the loop slightly shorter.
c\d = 1.58m for 13:01
Total of 1:10:29 running a 7:02\m avg. for 10 miles.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Feeling a Little Sick

Little one is surrounded by sick children migrating viruses leading to parents susceptibility. Especially those training for the Boston Marathon.

3x 800-600-600 on tap for the day
McMillan puts the pace at 2:50-2:54 and 2:08-2:11
3:02 rest

2:59 rest


right on the mark, very sweet considering last week's debacle

Monday, April 06, 2009

The Time of my Life

Garmin 305 on the fritz, noticed water under the faceplate from the last Boston Marathon course run. I'll do a little trouble shooting and then its off to L.L. Bean.

Bonked another w\o on Saturday wanting to walk at 3.5 miles. Saved face the next day knocking out a 14-miler at a 6:28 pace, felt comfortable.

Last week's incomplete workouts:
MLR of 10-13M
Tempo of 8-11M

It seems my body was off by one day from the schedule. Today was on the mark, easy, measly 3.5 miles in 24 minutes.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Pulling on Socks

If I'm in shape, at least now progressing, then standing on one foot to pull on a sock or tie a shoe is no problem. I really did not like not being able to do that.

Medium Long Run scheduled for 10-13 at 30 seconds over marathon pace. Ran it on the treadmill pulling off after nine miles. Realized after wringing out my singlet that the room was too warm. My being out of shape doesn't help matters.

Held 6:58\mile for seven miles then scaled it back.

9m on a woodway in 66:58 average pace of 7:26\mile

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Distance Seven

Snap and quickness back in the legs as they easily could've taken me to the Battle Green on the Battle Road trail.
~7 miles in 50:08

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Overreaching: 1M-2M-1M

Mcmillan put me at 5:59 to a 6:06 pace per mile for this workout.
~2M w\u-16:51
felt lousy shortly after start of 2M-6:21 and 6:52
took gel, queued up "Eye of the Tiger", took off and started a marathon shuffle after the first turn 1M-7:19 heavy legs
~2M c\d 17:45

With the above w\o it may be time to recognize a bit of overreaching accumulating over the last two weeks of determined training.

Overreaching & Tapering
Overreaching is characterized by a sharp increase in training volume. Overreaching is thought to be an early stage of overtraining which can result in increased fatigue and performance decrements. However, an increase in performance above baseline can occur, if an overreaching phase of approximately 1 week is followed by an immediate return to normal training. A taper following normal training can result in additional performance increases.

Stone MH, Pierce KC, Sands WA, Stone ME (2006). Weightlifting: Program Design. Strength and Conditioning Journal, 28 (2), 10-17.

I put Pete Magill's site "Younger Legs for Older Runners"on my links for whenever I feel to be humbled about masters running much faster.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Raw Sunday Crawl

start 13M out to 4M + and return. Headwind and cold on way back, fat-burner w\o only fuel was two bottles of Gatorade.
average: 7:34/mile for 18.5 miles
wheels fell off at mile 13 with cold weather\nutrition

Photo below is from yesterday's nice weather day. Up ahead of the sign is the infamous cemetary (mile 21-22 botoom of Boston College).
Brighton - Entrance by BC

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Marathon Mecca - Boston Marathon

Ran the 9m between Boston College and the Fire Station with the stroller while my star was running 18. Also was a beautiful sunny day with TONS of charity runners and supporters.

Whales in the bay link.

8m - 1:14:24 - 8:16\mile average

I'll try to post a few photos later

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Army-Revolutionary-Navy Running

wd - easy 7m in ~57 min. on the Battle Road Trail.
th - 3 x 15 min. @ marathon tempo
Ran this on the 0.5 mile track on Fort Devens. Its a real old Army post rich in history. For some reason Garmin didn't agree with the exact distance. The troops assured me it was wheel measured. They also have mile posts at the quarter mile points.
w/u 2.65m at 8:25/mile in 18:57
#1 16:21 for 6:32/mile (Garmin 2.65m for 6:10/mile)
#2 16:17 for 6:30/mile (Garmin 2.66m for 6:07/mile)
#3 16:17 for 6:30/mile (Garmin 2.62m for 6:13/mile)
c/d 2.0m at 15:19 for 7:40/mile
total: 12 miles
fr - easy 9 miles 1;19:39 for 8:51/mile on the Naval War College running trail. Beautiful weather with sunshine, a bay breeze and mile temperatures. It was nice to soak up some sea air.

easy 9m tomorrow and then 18 on the Boston course Sunday in case anyone is out there!

What's cool about this years Boston? US stands to see two of its own possibly win! Kara's recent win in Lisbon puts her right on track. Read the Oregonian article here about her "wheels".
Ryan's interview from running times one month out sounds good also.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Strong winds 4 x 1600m

A strong wind made for tough running in one direction on the loop. I concentrated more on form than time. Thinking of head, neck, chest alignment - looking ahead at a fence line with shoulders relaxed - no tensing.
Trying to remain light on the feet and minimal arm cross swing.
It was a good mental along with physical workout to gain some positive training adaptation.
The numbers:
3 mile w\u: 26:34 8:51\mile
1-1600 6:04
2-1600 6:10
3-1600 6:29
4-1600 6:29
3 mile c\d 23:47 7:56\mile

note: I added another Boston Marathoner to the sidebar - another fast Master!

Monday, March 23, 2009


Cyclical in nature, runners that rise early with an ability to thrive
in late winter and early spring.
It's that time of year where colors
of the Boston Marathon are starting to arrive.
Time for running goal pace is catching.


easy recovery five miler today in 39:55. 15 minutes stretching and in the gym.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

23 Miler - 6-14 miles at tempo

Hopkinton to mile 19 and back to mile 15 on the Boston Marathon course:
Goal: Miles 0-6 at 7:00 to 8:00 for 42:00 to 48:00
Splits Times
1 Mile 00:07:32
2 Mile 00:14:54
3 Mile 00:22:11
4 Mile 00:29:20
5 Mile 00:36:43
6 Mile 00:43:43
Goal Met

Goal: Miles 6-14 at 6:17 to 6:37 for 50:16 to 52:56 TOTAL TIME: 1:32:16 to 1:40:56
Splits Times
1 Mile 00:06:56 red lights, water stop at 10k
2 Mile 00:06:29
3 Mile 00:06:32
4 Mile 00:06:34
5 Mile 00:06:27
6 Mile 00:06:22
7 Mile 00:06:32
8 Mile 00:06:37
Total Time: 1:36:13 Goal Met.

Goal: Miles 14-23 at 7:00 to 8:00 for 63:00 to 72:00
TOTAL TIME: 2:35:16 to 2:52:56

15 Mile 6:56
16 Mile 7:05
17 Mile 7:36
18 Mile 7:37
19 Mile 7:41
20 Mile 8:00
21 Mile 8:17
22 Mile 7:50
23 Mile 7:56 2:45:12
Garmin says 23.29 Miles for 2:47:13 for an average of 7:11/mile
Goal Met.
Any guesses on me goal marathon time? Beat previous Masters PR!

Friday, March 20, 2009

pre-Sunday Boston Marathon Long Run

Here's what me an me girl laid out while Mary Poppins spinned on the tele.

For Sunday mornings Hopkinton run on the Boston Marathon course:
Miles 0-6 at 7:00 to 8:00 for 42:00 to 48:00
Splits Times
1 Mile 00:07:00
2 Mile 00:14:00
3 Mile 00:21:00
4 Mile 00:28:00
5 Mile 00:35:00
6 Mile 00:42:00
7 Mile 00:49:00
8 Mile 00:56:00
9 Mile 01:03:00

Splits Times
1 Mile 00:08:00
2 Mile 00:16:00
3 Mile 00:24:00
4 Mile 00:32:00
5 Mile 00:40:00
6 Mile 00:48:00
7 Mile 00:56:00
8 Mile 01:04:00
9 Mile 01:12:00

Miles 6-14 at 6:17 to 6:37 for 50:16 to 52:56 TOTAL TIME: 1:32:16 to 1:40:56
Splits Times
Splits Times
1 Mile 00:06:17
2 Mile 00:12:34
3 Mile 00:18:51
4 Mile 00:25:08
5 Mile 00:31:25
6 Mile 00:37:42
7 Mile 00:43:59
8 Mile 00:50:16

Splits Times
1 Mile 00:06:27
2 Mile 00:12:54
3 Mile 00:19:21
4 Mile 00:25:48
5 Mile 00:32:15
6 Mile 00:38:42
7 Mile 00:45:09
8 Mile 00:51:36

Splits Times
1 Mile 00:06:37
2 Mile 00:13:14
3 Mile 00:19:51
4 Mile 00:26:28
5 Mile 00:33:05
6 Mile 00:39:42
7 Mile 00:46:19
8 Mile 00:52:56

Miles 14-23 at 7:00 to 8:00 for 63:00 to 72:00
TOTAL TIME: 2:35:16 to 2:52:56

Any guesses on me goal marathon time?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Boston Marathon #1552

1st Corrall!! #1552 which is 11 higher than last years DNR. WooHoo, now to get in shape for running the demanding pace up front.

Training: Saucony porta-johns near the intersection of Commonwealth Avenue and Walnut Street in Newton Hills from now until a week before the Marathon.

Monday, March 16, 2009

2009 New Bedford Half Marathon

Sunday, March 15, 2009
New Bedford Half Marathon
Goal Time: 1:24:15 or better Pace: 6:26

Actual:Time: 1:23:26 Pace: 6:22
Place: 39th of 171 Masters (222 o'all)

I'm a little upbeat on this race despite the time:

1. 6:20
2. 12:42 (6:21)
3. 19:14 (6:32)
4. 26:01 (6:46)
5. 32:18 (6:17)
6. 38:39 (6:21)
7. 44:48 (6:09)
8. 50:53 (6:05)
9. 57:26 (6:32) * long mile
10. 1:03:45 (6:19)
11. 1:10:09 (6:23)
12. 1:16:37 (6:27)
13.1. 1:23:26 (6:48)

I was not sure what to expect . . . lining up about row eight with fellow BAA runners, my fitness being sub-par.

For the most part the race was like '06 only five minutes slower. Stay in control for the fast congested start, maintain pace on the hills, cruise the flat to downhill, work with the groups by the beach and up the final hill with a kick to the finish. Bridging one group by the mile seven water helped keep the pace, it was work but the recovery came along.

The Mcmillan Calculator puts the marathon at 2:55:58 with this race time. Let's knock it down another five minutes, shall we?


Interesting story here about Geoff's view on the New Bedford Half Marathon. Your comments?
my comments: inspiration from a very fast runner and true to the point of not letting racers not low-ball for financial gain, also not afraid to see his record beat.

Despite my training only on Saturday and Sunday routine I ran a 1:23:26.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Let it Snow

We laid down ten miles before the snow covered the Boston Marathon mile markers making running not so enjoyable. The next five miles were to be an up tempo but turned into wind driven sleet snow fest. toatl of 15 miles in about 1:51 with stops.

Did run a few strides alongside the American record holder Ryan Hall in Natick. WBZ-TV our local TV coverage happened to leapfrogging alongside us the whole morning capturing shots of us, no I mean Ryan, training on the course. Check out the WBZ site as they have plenty of Boston Marathon posts.

See this fast runner blog to some photos of Ryan on the Boston Marathon course. Shows that he ran the full 26.2 miles as a training run.

e.o.w. total at 20 miles.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Getting Slower

Ran the Haynes loop in 50:21 for five miles. We'll be out on the marathon course tomorrow morning from the start line in Hopkinton for a group run.

Milder temps are melting the snow making easier running but snow expected for early tomorrow.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Broke the Silence

Its a good feeling to have gone the 26.2 mile distance once again in an almost two year hiatus. Even if I walked the last two miles in a cold, wet wind driven rain; the flushed cheeks and sore muscles are worth it.
Now, if I could only get back on the real training regimen I should think a qualifier would be in the works come Boston.
Oh, the specifics? Unofficial 4:12 with a 1:45 half. Weeks total: 31.2 miles.