Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Boston Marathon #1552

1st Corrall!! #1552 which is 11 higher than last years DNR. WooHoo, now to get in shape for running the demanding pace up front.

Training: Saucony porta-johns near the intersection of Commonwealth Avenue and Walnut Street in Newton Hills from now until a week before the Marathon.


  1. First corral in Boston, now that's something to tell the grandchildren!

  2. yes, Thomas, hopeful to live long enough and lucky enough to have grandchildren.

  3. Woo hoo! Have you been in the 1st corral before? Your Bedford 1/2 must give you confidence and maybe Michael can follow your lead on race day.

  4. Been in the first corral for sometime now, trying to figure out how to get a 500 series number. NB was good considering my lack of training.
    I'll most likely be looking to follow Michael on race day. We'll see how he does at this w\e's race.